Figure 4: 2D and 3D Matrix Configurations
Shown above are two ways the user may choose to display the blocks and superblocks that exist on any particular level. On the left is the two-dimensional storyboard configuration. This may be useful and/or desirable when the user has no particular need for visualizing a three-dimensional spatial relationship among the elements. Two-dimensional relational layout, ordering and sorting will be available with the storyboard configuration in addition to simple non-relational ordering. On the right is the three-dimensional matrix configuration. In this configuration the blocks and superblocks are projected three-dimensionally into InfoSpace. Spatial layout of the matrix involves assigning a three-dimensional address to each of the elements within. In addition to simple non-relational layout and ordering, each of the elements can be relationally ordered and addressed according to matrix parameters, which are orders or values assigned to each of the three matrix axis'.