Figure 6: Matrix/SuperBlock Directory
When a selected superblock is opened, a directory listing its contents is displayed. This directory can be moved about to suit the user's visual or organizational needs. Blocks and superblocks contained are denoted by an identifier glyph along with a filename and file type suffix. Interaction with this directory would follow methods used in two-dimensional graphical user interfaces regarding selection or opening of an item and in the redundant options for accomplishing an action such as directly or through a button. In the case of a superblock, which is in actuality a submatrix itself, it is possible to travel deeper into the system by replacing the current level matrix with the lower level matrix of the selected superblock. With the aid of the system uptrace panel, animation, and review forward and review backward histories, the user will travel both deeper and higher in the system without becoming confused or disoriented. Note how inactive or non-current screens or panels are dimmed.