Welcome to The Yellow Bowl, an electronic manuscript that fuses aleatoric and sequential narrative to create a story-telling environment where the narrator's thoughts are displayed alongside the stories that she tells her daughter.

The time is the early 1990's. In this central part of the screen the thoughts and observations of Grace -- a highway engineer recently separated from her artist husband -- appear at random, akin to how memories and thoughts come and go in our minds. To generate "The Grace Files", you are invited to either wait for this screen to change by itself or to click on the two arrow-intertwined random icon wherever it appears

The parallel narratives, that Grace tells her daughter Marthia, take place in a future era when the once global Internet has split into feudal communities in which the inhabitants only communicate with each other. Secretly connected on forgotten systems, two young women -- Helen in green text in the right panel and Clara in blue text in the left panel -- frame this electronic manuscript. When you click on arrow icons below the text, simulating the storyteller's flowing words, slowly appearing animated text generates the Helen/Clara stories -- while at intervals, code generates the aleatoric Grace Files.

Begin The Yellow Bowl. To read the work, click on the central double-arrow random icon or the arrow icons on either side.

To hear/rehear the opening words, click on the link above.