Aboard The Goodfellow when she sailed from Kinsale Boats moored in the deep harbor The name of the case as if everything in her life was linked to the moment How many there were by the time the ship reached the Massachusetts Bay Colony in January 1654 Her father in the old photographs As it crossed America in the days before the Civil War

Appeared in a dream to the artist. The view from the beach The path on a grassy hill to the front door When it arrived from Florence The intangible similarity. "coming as if from Ireland with innumerable letters" The junction of several trails that would eventually converge. It was early autumn, a time that for him that had always seemed like spring. His Father's family was from County Cork. Directly across the Ohio River The packet ships that transported hundreds of thousands from Ireland. The photo he was looking for. Instead, as if he was on a journey And played a line of song

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Judy Malloy

As if the memory was a song:
From Ireland with Letters


Begin with the Arrival


fiddler's passage

Junction of Several Trails

"Gone With Our Wanderers"

The Not Yet Named Jig

when we return again