by Judy Malloy

passport photo of Judy Malloy

"Form and content achieve a near-perfect suture in the first selection in the Eastgate Web Workshop: Judy Malloy's lOve One..." - Rita Raley, Postmodern Culture (PMC)

"...Time is disordered, there is no beginning or end -- it is like a collage. It is, therefore, a story without the typical narrative characteristics (introduction, exposition, denouement).LoveOne is a metaphor about the Internet, where you can find everything, pages for everyone and on any subject. In LoveOne there are also emotions, sex, music, cars, friends, fun, modems, the beach, all mixed up, as if it were an Internet portal..." - Joan Campas, Dichtung-Digital

In the spirit of the Internet, in the spirit of the web, portions of l0ve0ne, originally appeared in servers all over the country -- Sausalito, California; Palo Alto, California; Arlington, Virginia; and the Massachusetts North Shore. The story began on the Interactive Conference on Arts Wire. It was continued on the Arts Conference on the WELL.

Thanks to Mark Bernstein at Eastgate for hosting the original version on the Eastgate Web Workshop, where the original version still resides. This 2021 version retains the original text and structure with very few differences, but it is coded with HTML5 and CSS instead of the original early HTML.

Although, I did live in Europe in the 1960's, and the image is my passport photo from that era, the narrator of l0ve0ne is not me. The first person is used, as it is in many of my other works, as a narrative device that not only effects the telling, in that it allows the writer to disclose the details of the main character's life in an intimate way, but also effects the reading, in that it situates the reader in an intimate relationship with the main character.

To navigate l0ve0ne, click on any _____ in any lexia. In 1994, at the time L0ve0ne was written, I felt that placing the link before the linked word instead of directly on it, was a more eloquent linking strategy.

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