passport photo of Judy Malloy l0ve0ne
by Judy Malloy

"Form and content achieve a near-perfect suture in the first selection in the Eastgate Web Workshop: Judy Malloy's lOve One..." - Rita Raley, Postmodern Culture (PMC)

"...Time is disordered, there is no beginning or end -- it is like a collage. It is, therefore, a story without the typical narrative characteristics (introduction, exposition, denouement).LoveOne is a metaphor about the Internet, where you can find everything, pages for everyone and on any subject. In LoveOne there are also emotions, sex, music, cars, friends, fun, modems, the beach, all mixed up, as if it were an Internet portal..." - Joan Campas, Dichtung-Digital

l0ve0ne (1994) was the first work in the Eastgate Web Workshop. In this seminal web-based hypernovella -- of Xreality, changing identities, physical computing, robotic Pinocchios, Rajput miniatures that morph into parallel narratives, barns full of old computers, and country western songs on German radio -- an American writer on Holiday in Germany and France is immersed in an underground world of European hacker-artist culture.

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