Judy Malloy - more photos

My Father Ike Powers and his brother Walt

My Mother, Barbara Lillard

with my grandfather Walter Powers

Texas, 1941 - the 211th Coast Artillery Anti-Aircraft

Dad at Camp Hulen

Aunt Peggy and my Mother
My dear Aunt Peggy was my Father's
brother's wife. She was from Kentucky.
She died in the late 80's from Legionnaires'
Disease contracted in the Caribbean.
My Father's brother, who was in the OSS,
died in his fifties. (I think Aunt Peggy
was also in the OSS)

Oakland CA, 1977

Judy - about 1957

California - early 1980's

Collecting Information for OK Research

Jud Smith - "Uncle Jud" - family friend
and the doctor who delivered me

Resting on the trail - photo Fran Powers

More Photos

My Grandparents, My Mother and Father