"Some benevolent muse inspired me to set up a fine large web on my loom. With handspun threads, I began to weave, and I said to the princes who wooed me: 'Do not be in such a hurry. Wait until I finish this cloth.'"

Homer, The Odyssey, Book XIX

The work I am making is woven of six tapes that are housed in a work bench-situated wooden structure -- from which, hand-cranked, they slowly flow separately to the floor and are slowly retracted. Each tape is five feet long, created with color prints of photographs, taken of people, like TV newscasters as the appear in the evening on my TV monitor, or taken in places like Macy's Department store the week before Christmas, or the San Francisco subway, called BART, at 5:00 on a Friday, or, Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley on a warm spring day.

Fine Work and Wide Across
work or SEA or song or stop