Mara Iskander Mirzan
"...a sort of disembodied voice precipitated from the analytic transference of my resentment"

Keun Mok Park
"...with the scene in my imagination, I will make it into a diorama..."

Richard Park
"I was inspired to use vibrant colors of night streets in Seoul and active concert venues of Chicago...responding to the rigorous movement of city people."

Wayne P. Tate
"Each tweet is structured to suggest time passing. As you move from one tweet...The story stems from Omolara, the first character we encounter in the thread, a Yoruba woman who is abducted into the transatlantic slave trade..."

Ruby Hana Williams
"...this middle ground of being this avatar but also being this avatar from an organic place, intertwined with my daily reality ..."

July Yoon
"We all live in a competitive world...comparing with one another social media such as Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook...Thus, we often fail to remember and be thankful for what we have day by day."