Vee Nyah Culton
A Grown Adult Runs Into Bullets | Hotline Miami
YouTube let's play metanarrative
inspired by Polygon's Car Boys series and how it creates a narrative out of a non-linear game

Mars confronts Hotline Miami "My plan was to play a fairly violent game (my two contenders were Hotline Miami or Off) and attempt to play a pacifist run, making both games extremely difficult and nearly impossible to beat. After a few tries I'd give in and start resorting to violence to get past certain obstacles in game and over time it would affect my game play, disposition, mental health, and my surroundings(if i were to use a face cam, though i am comsidering drawing sprites for it instead)... A challenge i forsee is showing how affective fiction can be on the consumer and less of a 'video games make you violent' message."