20:43) Timothy Collins 18-OCT-94

I was standing in crystal clear water, the sun was warm, not a breath of wind. large swells would come buy, gently lifting me off my feet. I stood with people how many or who was irrelevant. I felt the earth with my toes and the water with my body. I bobbed with each passing wave, I couldn't be more content. I began to feel forms in the sand. I dove under and realized their were hundreds of large clams just under the sand. I picked on up and brought it up. The hard edges of the shell were link ed by a soft fleshy membrane as the clam seemed to gasp......I dropped it. I went back under and began to dig and touch many clams fascinated by their hard shells. I saw something out of the corner of my eye........had to go to the surface for air. It was soooo quiet, still and scerene people were still about but they were silent and relatively motionless. I dove back under and noticed......a young boy, who appeared to have downs syndrome, was still underwater. I looked closer and was confused he seemed to be breathing .......water. I freaked with the dual realization that what he was doing was actually "drowning" and he needed my help and from the other people just standing around.

The weird part is, I remember him clearly calmly standing on the bottom head under water and happily looking about. Their was no.......visible signs of discomfort.

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