20:60) Joseph Wilson 23-NOV-94 10:44

Boxed loved ones cross international borders during the same days others are on their way to visit their loved ones. On the same plane with grandchildren and uncles, sisters and brothers a widow and a motherless child. It changes when it gets remotely close to you, when it affects someone you know well, your inner circle. I try to think of Harold dancing with the banjo celebrating what was and not mourning what is gone. Then I remember it was just a movie.

Tomorrow pilgrims and indians sit at the same table in a spirit of happiness and sharing in someone's imagination. You can't tell me it didn't happen, you can't!! When I took the last swig of shiraz I caught a fruit fly between my lips. No matter how good the wine is, there is always something fucking it up. Hum the national anthem, don't sing it you don't know the words, hum it, every bar of it. I work on thanksgiving and I get payed double time. I give thanks when the check comes the next week.

who telnets on holidays?

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