name is scibe


(in order of appearance)

Judy Malloy
Tom Igoe
Chris Abraham
Tim Collins
Anna Couey
Valerie Gardiner
Joseph Wilson
Douglas Cohen

between life and the net, I asked for Scribe

This work -- written simultaneously on ARTS WIRE and on The WELL --
was begun on August 17, 1994
while I lay in bed in Tempe, Arizona recovering from a serious
accident. I could not go out, and sometimes days went by when there
was no human contact.

The collaboration (hoped for but not asked for) was spontaneous. While
(restlessly fictionizing on a laptop generously lent to me by Xerox PARC)
I wrote out the pain, other writers added words about the details of their
lives -- providing windows on the world for "scibe".
.... Judy Malloy

20:62) Judy Malloy 25-NOV-94

Sitting in the waiting room for over an hour while
everyone else's name was called,
I repeatedly flipped through Vogue magazine,
wearing baggy red sweat pants.

Eric was right about URL's. They are ubiquitous now.
"there is a fear about how things will change, yet they change"
were the words that Douglas used on Arts Wire.