Judy Malloy

Recreating the BASIC Uncle Roger - Twitter Documentation

The recreation of Uncle Roger in BASIC was begun in June, 2012 at the time of the 2012 Electronic Literature Organization Conference at West Virginia University. Uncle Roger was included in my Retrospective as a part of the Media Arts show curated by Dene Grigar and Sandy Baldwin. It seemed like a good time to begin the work of reconstructing the original BASIC version of Uncle Roger.

I worked from printouts of the programs for "A Party in Woodside" and "Terminals" and from a digital version of the program for "The Blue Notebook". To recreate DOS text versions of the lexias I worked from printouts of the original lexias, from the Web version, and from an extant digital version of the DOS text for "The Blue Notebook"..

Because Uncle Roger was originally created in a social networking situation, Art Com Electronic Network on The Well, I decided to document the recreation on Twitter. I began with "Terminals" because the program (originally named FILE3.BAS) was somewhat simpler than the programs for the first two files. Next I returned to the beginning with "A Party in Woodside". Then I worked on "The Blue Notebook" and finally I worked on UNCLE.BAS, the menu access program for all three files.

When the Twitter documentation began, I had recreated FILE3.BAS and was converting the lexias to DOS text. Where in "Terminals", the variable "z" is the number of lexias in the work, the following excerpts from my Twitter posts summarize the progress of the project.