An incomplete list of music interview/articles over recent years, by Darrell Jónsson


20 Years Without the Curtain : You Say You Want A Revolution
2008 Year in Review : Tempo - Encore, Encore
Adam Arcuragi : Cosmic Americana
Adrian Belew Power Trio : Stix String Power
Advent Bluegrass Festival : Pickin' And Grinnin'
Afel Bocoum and Alkibar : Messengers Of The Great River
Aidan Baker and Nadja : Impressionist Electronica
Aku Aku : Aiming For Ecstasy
Allen Ginsburg : When Poetry Was King
Alternativa 2004 : In The Spirit
Alternativa 2005 : Out On The Edge
Alternativa 2008 : Sounds From The World's Edge
Alternativa 2009 : Adventures In Music
Al-Yaman : Middle East Meets West
Anthony Joseph : Out Of This World Beats
Aranos / Nurse with Wound : Dadaism You Can Dance To
Art's Birthday : Partying For Art's Sake
Asian Dub Foundation : Friendly Rabble-rousers
Atlantic Cable : Space Station Prague
Autopilot : A Different Drummer
Autopilote : Sounds From Down Under
Bembeya Jazz : The World Comes To Prague
Besh O Drom : Borderless Beats
Bill Wyman/Eddie Floyd : In The Pocket
Blackfire : Native American Fireball Punk
Blaq Mummy Halloween Concert : Back From The Grave
Bobby McFerrin : Guided By Voices
Bojan Z : Flights Of Balkan Fancy
Bozzio/Holdsworth/Levin/Mastelotto : Flying Through A Snowstorm
B-Real with Young De and Psycho Realm : Stone Reality From The States
Butthole Surfers : Straight Out Of Weird Texas
CD Reviews 2006 : High Notes
CD Reviews 2007 : Shopping Guide For The Holiday Season
CD Reviews 2008 : Best Cds Of 2008
CD Reviews 2009 : Grace Notes
CD Reviews 2010 : Great Holiday And Cd Gift Ideas
CD Reviews 2011 : Book And Cd Gift Options
Charalambides / Beseppy : Space-age Inspiration
Chava Alberstein : Ear For The Past, Eyes On The Future
CocoRosie : Gender Benders
Colours of Balkan Brass : Brass With Sass
Colours of Ostrava : Around The World In Four Days
Colours of Ostrava : Showing Their True Colours
Cypress Hill : Cypress Hill: We Still Tell It Like It I
Dagmar Andrtova : Expecting To Fly
Denia Jones : Notes From The Vanguard
Diamanda Galas : Terrible Beauty
Diary as Sin : The Sin Also Rises
Didrik Ingvaldsen Quartet : Free Jazz, With Structure
Dig That Crazy Balkan Beat
Dir En Grey : When The Maggots Scream
DJ Witch Presents Nironic : Block Party On The Vltava
Don Preston : Roll Over, Stravinsky
Duquende : World Beat Full Circle
Echoes of Home : Thoroughly Modern Yodeling
Egy Erzsi Kiss Zene : Ladies' Night Out
El Gafla : Music For A Better World
Eugene Chadbourne : Dr. Chad Is Back In Town
Eurotrialog Mikulov : Heterogeneous Harmonies
Faust : All Fired Up
Faust : Devil's Advocate, The Mysterious Hay Shr
Fred Wesley : And The Bandleader Player On
From a Wet Corner of the Universe / Comp : Sound Waves
Gerardo Nunez : Andalusian Ace
Gitans : Not Just Another Gypsy Band
Glen Hansard : The Swell Season
Goran Bregovic : Keeping Carmen Real
Guts Pie Earshot : When Classical Met Punk
Habib Koite : A Melding Of Musical Cultures
Hasna El Becharia : A Maghreb Woman's Joy And Blues
Hawkwind: Colours of Ostrava : Blasting Off In Ostrava
Head Fake Sound System : Raw And Futuristic
Here I am Human! : Macabre Cabaret
Homage to Rowland S. Howard : Remembering A Seminal Guitarist
Hradistan : Last Blast Of Summer
Iggy Pop and the Stooges : Still Tearing It Up
In the Penal Colony : Veteran Voice
Indies Scope Festival 2009 : From Moravia, A Rich Musical Mosaic
International Bagpipe Festival 2010 : A Blast From The Past
Iva Bittova : New Music Vocabulary
Jeff Beck : Guitar Legend To Play Prague
Jethro Tull : Acoustic Cheer For The Holidays
Jethro Tull : Minstrels In The Gallery
Jimmy Bozeman's Lazy Pigs : Country Cousins
John Lee Hooker Jr. : Updating The Tradition
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers : Banquet Of Blues
John Mayall : Tough Blues For Tough Times
Johnny Winter : Till The Day I Die
Justin Adams : Respect 2008
Justin Lavash : Traveling Troubadour
Karol Miklos : Big Music From A Small Town
Kasparek v Rohliku : Shake, Rattle And Roll
Kastan : Notes From Underground
Khaled As'Ad : Mideastern Classicist
Khamoro : Diverse Roma Culture Takes Center Stage
Konono : Showing Respect
Konono No. 1 / Wise : Getting Wild With Electronica
Konono No1 : Kinshasa's Electrified Spirit Doctors
Kris Kristofferson : One Wild American
Kurtis Blow : From The Beginning
La Kaita : Flamenco For Aficionados
Laibach : Classic Provocateurs
Laibach : Industrial Revisited
Lamb : Songs For A Sweaty Summer Night
Latin Art Cafe : La Cantina De Praga
Leningrad Cowboys : Musical Mayhem
Les Boukakes : Assimilation Rock
Live Music for the Holidays : Live Music Abounds During Holidays
Lo Cor de la Plana : Heirs Of The Troubadours
Los Van Van : Salsa Superstars
Love Planet 2006 : All You Need Is Love
Lucia Guarnido : Delving Into Duende
Macka B : Hot Times In The B Zone
Magnetophone : Experiments In Rock
Mahala Rai Banda : Taking Romanian Music Global
Maraca : Rock Of Ages
Marimba Mama : A Band For The Whole World
Marta Topferova : Ahoj, Senorita
Marta Topferova : Discovering Her Native Roots
Master Musicians of Jajouka : Jajouka's Continental Drift
Metamorphosis : Band On The Run
Michael McClure : Bio-romantic
Motorhead : Rock 'n' Roll Survivors
Mudhoney : Staying True To Their Grunge Roots
Musafir : Acrobats And Snake Charmers
Natacha Atlas & The Mazeeka Ensemble : A Modern Voice With Deep Roots
New Orchestra of Dreams : Following His Dreams
NI / Eric Cherry Hill : Ni And Cherry Hill:hip-hop Coup
Oregon : Jazz For Intellectuals
Oudaden : Tolerance One Note At A Time
Paco Pena : In The Tradition
Panteon Rococo  / Tito Tarantula : Love Those Hot Latin Licks
Pearl Jam : Victims Of Their Own Success
Penderecki String Quartet : Innovations In Strings
Persian New Year Concert : A Toast To The Persian New Year
Peter Hamill : Something To Say
Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross : Productive Paranoia
Philip Glass Ensemble : More Than Minimalism
Plastic People of the Universe : Plastic Fantastic
Please the Trees : Out Of The Woods
Prague Ska Conspiracy / CCTV Allstars / : A Simmering Ska Brew
Prince Alfredo and The Warriors : North Meets South
Psi Vojaci / Uz Jsme Doma : Up From Underground
Qawal Najmuddin Saifuddin and Brothers : Pakistan's Timeless Mystic Song
Rabih Abou-Khalil : New Currents In World Jazz
Ray Manzarek & Robby Krieger : Reopening The Doors
Real Beat : Czech Reggae Explosion
Respect Festival 2006 : Rip, Desmond Dekker
Respect Festival 2009 : The World Comes To Prague
Robert Plant & Justin Adams : Flying High
Rocky IX : Rocky Ix Rocks
Said Tachiti : Interview
Salif Keita : The World Comes To Ostrava
Simba Vibration : Positive Vibrations
Skryty puvab byrokracie : Exercises In Absurdity
Socalled : Cruising The Islands
Son Caliente : Hot Sounds From Havana
Speed Caravan : Rockin' Out On The Oud
Spirit of Africa : Christmas With A Beat
Stereo Total : When The Music Is Lame, Do It Yourself
Stimul Festival : Adventures In Electronica
Stockhausen Ensemble : Sound In Three Dimensions
Susheela Raman : Making Sense Of It All
Swans and James Blackshaw : Cathartic Contrasts
Tanya Tagaq : A Series Of Cosmic Coincidences
Tartit : Rhythms Of The Sahara
Terry Evans : That Magic Touch
The Gutter Twins : In Search Of Transcendence
The Russian Doctors : A Prescription...
The Sads and Tower of Dudes : Something More Than Feelings
The Skatalites : Music Heard 'round The World
The Taj Mahal Trio : A World Of Blues
The Yardbirds : A Legendary Band Reborn
The Young Gods : Mixing It Up
The Young Gods : Old Band, New Tricks
Third World : High-energy Reggae Ambassadors
Throbbing Gristle : Into The Esoteric
Tiger Lillies : Garden Of Angst
Tinariwen : An Oasis Of Desert Blues
Tony Allen : Different Drummer
Toots Maytal : Talkin' With Toots
Traband : Indian In The City
Traband : Pirate Of The Vltava
Tram des Balkans : Land Of A Thousand Dances
Triosk : Jazz From Another Planet
Turbobilly & Los Purinos : Psychobilly Bash
Twin Dragons : Burnishing The Metal On The Blues
Unijazz : Jazzbo
United Flavour : A Tasty Blend
Unsound 2007 : Electronic Ambassadors
Uz Jsme Doma : They're Already Home
V. Lemurie : Sound Effects
Van Der Graaf Generator : A Collective Musical Vision
Veena : Fresh Talent From T˙bor
Vernon Reid & Masque : Behind The Masks
Vertigo Quintet : The New Jazz Generation
Vijay Iyer Trio at Strings of Autumn : Embracing The Spectrum
Von Magnet : Putting A Jolt In Flamenco
Wolf Eyes : Sex, Noise And Rock 'n' Roll
Woven Hand : Fire-and-brimstone Rock
Woven Hand : Heavy Doses Of Americana
Yasmine Hamdan : Arabic Gold For The Space Age
Yeah Yeah Yeahs : Rock 'n' Roll Blitz
Year in Review 2008 : Pop Music
Year in Reviiew 2010 : Tempo - Rock And Pop
Yellow Sisters : Bursting With Song
Yellow Sisters and the Magic Band : Harmonic Convergence
ZZ Top : Gut-bustin Texas Blues