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Map of Paliki (now) & surroundings: Homer said his Ithaca was "to the west, the furthest out to sea", and "low-lying"... (click the image to enlarge)

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Michel Melot puts it best, in his remarkable new book, Livre,: [tr. JK]

There is a dynamic balance, nowadays, between the immense capacities of the new digital information, and the firm discipline of traditional printed text -- "The form itself, of the book, creates a system", Melot observes -- it is now clear here that the world can do without either novelty or discipline, entirely, as Melot's ambivalent description suggests. The world does need novelty, always; but, "if something is everything then maybe it's nothing" -- something "new", or otherwise.

'In the beginning...'

The first Webserver:
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So online links here are suggested. Some of them are highly-recommended. But so are books, and other media which have brought, and continue to bring, the classical stories of Odysseus and their lessons to us. So I hope whoever clicks easily, here, on the interesting links which follow below, also will glance through the Resource List which shows many other things of interest too, books & articles & lectures & videos & films among them: and the story of Odysseus started out in life as an oral tale -- so to understand fully why this man's departure from his Ithacan home, and his return to it many years later, have so fascinated European people for so many years, perhaps one must hear the tale recited by someone, as well... "Andra moi ennepe, mousa, polutropon..."

Several sites online which offer good information, then, on Paliki and "Ithaca" and Odysseus:

* Wikipedia -- in spite of differences I have personally with one of their Administrators (editors!... grrr... "Criticism is prejudice made plausible"... per Mencken...), plus some more basic misgivings I have generally about Wikipedia's politics or supposed lack thereof (there is no "wertfrei"), Wikipedia is in fact an excellent resource -- to be "double-checked" against other resources, certainly, but then any information resource should be double-checked...

Wikipedia articles:

Wikipedia images:

Wikipedia online fulltexts:

Wikipedia "categories": groupings of related articles --


* Other interesting links:


* And some sites in French -- The Odyssey is their foundational cultural epic, too... as it is of the Spaniards, and the Italians, and the Greeks and the Germans and so many others, in the non-"anglosaxon" world... And both the superficial consideration of the Homeric epics, and the deep study of them, are approached very differently, in different cultures and using different languages: a difference between the "Victor Hugo's 'Quatre-vingt-treize / Ninety-Three'" & "The Scarlet Pimpernel" readings of the French Revolution, as the président of the Bibliothèque nationale de France recently pointed out to Google Inc.... "Le Mouron Rouge écrasant Quatre-Vingt-Treize"... Try reading through a few of the following sites, and you'll see for yourself : vive la différence --




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