with editor Chris Carlsson and other contributors
New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, College Park, Washington, Richmond
July 24-31

See the attached PDF flyer for details.

[For those of you who don't know, Chris Carlsson is one of the early participants and organizers of the San Francisco Critical Mass. He is something of a historian, both of the Critical Mass rides and the social history of San Francisco. For more info on what Chris and his colleagues are up to, see the Shaping San Francisco web site -- KJC]

Here's the poop in plain-text:

A book reading and film screening to celebrate Critical Mass bike rides. Critical Mass is a noncommercial, noncompetitive monthly bike ride held in hundreds of cities in dozens of countries.

THE BOOK: Critical Mass: Bicycling's Defiant Celebration
(Chris Carlsson, ed. 2002 AK Press) 256 pgs.

Essays, personal anecdotes, photos and flyers by dozens of activists and theorists from San Francisco, Montreal, Stuttgart, Milan, Sydney, and seven other cities.

This leaderless, grassroots social movement cuts through the noise and inertia of car-clogged urban transportation and teaches us to carve a wedge of our city for our dreams. So says essayist Anna Sojourner in this pushy and irreverent collection of inkworthy social critique and optimistic celebration. Four dozen contributors document, define and drive home the beauty of a quiet ride with a thousand friends, the anarchy of grassroots inspiration, the melodrama of media coverage and the fight for the survival of our cities.


THE FILM: (We aren't blocking traffic,) WE ARE TRAFFIC!
(Ted White, 1999) Documentary. 50 minutes.

Interviewees include many of the contributors to the newly released book. WE ARE TRAFFIC! chronicles Critical Mass, a movement of thousands (and twice as many wheels) as they reclaim public space and put bicycling and transit smack-dab in the middle of contemporary politics. The film explores the fun, complexity and struggle involved in social change.


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