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Critical Mass InOrbitt tour across Asia and Europe 1999 / 2000.


We are entering a new era, the 20th century was the age of the car but now with pollution and population rising we have to move over to a more efficient transportation system. The answer lies in the bike and public transport.

Throw a bike onto any bus, train, boat, or plane and you can travel long distances with speed and comfort, and when you arrive get on your bike and go! Cruise through the cities, sail around the countryside, rock down the mountains but do it without noise or pollution!

Critical Mass:

The age of the car is not over but all over the developed world from Tokyo to London pressure groups are pushing for change, Critical Mass is one of these groups. In1998 we organized the first Critical Mass rides in Taipei and Taichung. CRITICAL MASS is an international movement with groups in hundreds of cities worldwide. Its main focus is a monthly ride through the heart of cities that blocks other traffic and attracts media attention to bicycle advocacy. In big cities like San Francisco, London or Sydney these rides can attract several thousand riders. In 1998 a San Francisco rally proved worthy of international headlines with coverage by CNN and other global news agencies. The continuing pressure for change has yielded new bike lanes, fuel and road taxes.

The Millennium Trip

In cooperation with InOrbitt and Critical Mass we will embark on our first trans-continental 15000 plus kilometre trip. We will travel overland via public transportation using buses, trains, donkeys and whatever else comes our way to take us to the best riding destinations imaginable. We will ride from a few days to months at a time. The InOrbitt schedule takes us to the following countries with as much media exposure possible.

Stage One: CHINA

Our journey begins in July in Taichung, Taiwan and from here directly to Hong Kong where we will boat to Guangxi. The ethnic minority tribes and spectacular limestone scenery here will make for a colourful ride.

Stage Two: INDIA


Stage Four: EUROPE

We will ride through Crete and through the Greek mainland before crossing to Italy. Cross the Alps into France and head to one of the marvels of modern transport - the Chunnel! From there we will emerge in Folkestone, England and will ride the final leg of our mammoth 10-month journey through the rolling hills of the Kent countryside. This chapter of InOrbitt's trip will end on a London Critical Mass ride, heightening Critical Masses efforts globally.


InOrbitt is an organization to promote the critical mass ideal of bike transport in the city and take it travelling. Travel by bike is the best possible way to travel, faster than hiking but more active and open than a car, combine this with the speed and transport of public transportation and there are no limits to your destinations! InOrbitt is globally located with branches in Taichung, Taiwan and London, England.

Contact us via the Internet at:

Who is InOrbitt?

We are a bunch of hard working teachers, artists, musicians and bike enthusiasts working fanatically to put together the money to put the money aside to finance this 10-month excursion. We are a multinational group, representing England, Taiwan, Australia, America and Canada. Who want to raise awareness for alternative transportation? InOrbitt is run by Rory McMullan who has been living and working in Asia for the past four years and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

The next journey begins in July 1999 and runs through the millennium to April 2000. We are looking fore the assistance of manufacturers of bicycle and touring products and plan to utilize the media attention this journey will bring. We will be sending out press releases, pictures and video graphing portions of the trek. We will have the support of Critical Mass and will utilize as many newspapers, magazines (Industry, human interest and lifestyle) and other media channels as possible Understanding marketing and media relations we feel comfortable asking companies to support our journey with products, and understand how to make your product visible with stoker placement and logos being displayed during photo opportunities. We also recognise sponsors during press releases. We are asking for product and / or financial sponsorship. Opportunities exist for companies that manufacture bikes, frames, tires, bags, panniers, racks, camping equipment, tools, tubes, energy supplements, clothing, eyewear, gloves, helmets and any other non-specific corporate sponsors. If you realise the [potential of InOrbitt and would like global recognition for helping bike enthusiasts promote a cleaner environment, let us know. We look forward to building long lasting relationships with companies like yours.

Contact information:

5~2 #101 Wu Chuen 1st Street,
Taichung City , Taiwan ROC.
Tel; 886 4 372 9328
27 Woodmere Ave.
Shirley, Croydon, England, CRO 7PG
44 181 654 6691


InOrbitt has been busy over the last two years and can't wait for the next chapter to unfold:

July through Sept. 1997:
We toured the Indian Himalayas, Arriving in Delhi we travelled north to Shimla in Himachel Pradesh. Trekking along the splendour of the Kulu valley before arriving in the breathtaking Pavrati valley.

July Through November of 1998:
Thailand, Spain, France, and England. The journey began touring the garden of England, Kent. We toured the fascinating French region of Brittany. In Spain we cycled all around Andalusia with its Moorish hill forts and white villages. The final leg brought us to Thailand and single track touring of the Thai/Burma boarder region. KMT Chinese and Aboriginal hill tribe villages providing the shelter.

February and March 1999
Tour of Taiwan. We began from Taichung and headed south to the southern tip of Taiwan, Kending, via Puli, Alishan and the islands cental mountain range. Our return took us along the East coast up to Hualian before crossing the central island highway back to Taichung.