Flagstaff, AZ Critical Mass needs riders.

Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 09:23:03 +0000
From: "Dale K. Slocum" <macyscoffee@flagguide.com>
Reply-To: www.flagguide.com/macyscoffee@azaccess.com

I came across the Critical Mass Times, and I must ask for you to help out a growing town with a huge bike population. FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA, located 2 hours north of Phoenix. poulation 50,000 plus with a state university. The city government has ignored bicyclists and our needs now for ten years, (before then it was a small quite place). A Critical Mass takes place the last Friday of every month, sun, rain snow.... don't matter. We ride.

Unfortuneatly, we need help. We need tourists to visit our town and ride with us! It takes place on San Francisco Street and Beaver Street in downtown. The local coffee shop, Macy's, is a good place to get java before the ride (many usually group there without the management's OK). We are protesting the removal of our 20-year-old Northbound bicycle lane. It was taken away without any way to go north through downtown on a bike when the streets changed from 2-way to 1-way. For two yaers, the residents have asked the city to return the one-way streets back into two-way thus adding a north bike lane and slowing traffic. The city ignores its citizens and will not put in a north bike lane on the north bound street. Suggestions have been made to place a northbound lane against southbound auto traffic.


......J.ust R.ide Dobbs.