Hobart, Tasmania Critical Mass

Date: Mon, 01 Sep 1997 19:12:30 -0300
From: David Dettrick <davidd@delm.tas.gov.au>
Subject: Critical Mass Hobart

We have been very slow at becoming "electric" but I would like you to add Hobart, Australia to your list of Critical Mass rides as of 25 April 1997!

A very brief chronology of Hobart (population 180,000) Critical Mass:

CM "victories" in hobart:

change to political landscape... Bicycle Tasmania is a conservative biking organisation that has extensively been involved in campaigning for bike for 20 years. result: one bike path. length 3 miles.

Bike Tas report that in the last 6 months more stuff has gone through boardrooms and in planning offices than in the last 20 years, as a result of their shift from "extremist" to conservative middle ground. previously, conservative old bike tas took all the "lefty, pinko, greeny, extremist" comments, but now these are leveled at the mass -which is just how we like it.

Recent triumphs... bikes can soon ride 2 abreast in line with the rest of Australia!

a huge bike path loop around the Derwent River (50kms of bike paths)

heaps of community discussions in papers, TV and all this without even talking to one city councilor!!!

David Dettrick "just another participant in the organised coincidence"
Hobart, Australia