Join us early evening, Thursday May 18th for a Solidarity Bicycle Ride in DC, plus a Kick-off Rally (co-sponsored with Latino Council of Agencies) at Malcolm X Park/Butler Center with a live band, food, drumming circle!

Four Jubilee 2000 campaigners from England are bicycling across the US, starting in DC -- doing about 80 miles a day, crossing mountains and deserts. They are on their way to the G-8 summit in Japan, where the richest countries in the world have the power to end the debt cycle. Join them on the first symbolic miles of there journey.
(See the Jubilee 2000/USA events calendar at http://www.j2000usa.org/calendar/local.html.)

Why? Impoverished countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Caribbean pay the richest countries millions of dollars every year in debt servicing. Yet, if impoverished countries could spend this money on social services at home, the lives of 19,000 children could be saved - every day*. The international Jubilee 2000 campaign calls for the cancellation of these debts.

Solidarity Cycle Itinerary

Start 5:30 p.m. Gather on The Mall @ 3rd Street, NW (in front of the Capitol)
Break 6:00 p.m. Dupont Circle (people can also join us here)
Finish 6:30 p.m. Malcolm X Park (meet just opposite 2437 15th St NW, East side of park)

Kick-Off Rally (no bike required)

6:30 p.m. Malcolm X Park (15th & Euclid Sts NW) Food, refreshments, speeches and a drum rally/kick-off ceremony
7:00 p.m. Come in the Butler Center at 2437 15th St., NW for live music and food!
Co-sponsored by the Council of Latino Agencies

For more info contact Jubilee 2000/USA 202 783-3566 · <coord@j2000usa.org>

Volunteers needed!

* The statistic above was taken from the 1997 Human Development Report
  published by the United Nations Development Programme.