Get a Free Ride Home Bicycle commuters throughout metropolitan Washington should know about the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program that began on January 13 to encourage alternative forms of commuting as a regional clean-air measure. The program is coordinated by Commuter Connections , the revamped alternative commuting program at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments . With GRH, commuters who bike, walk, carpool, or take transit at least three days per week and register with Commuter Connections are eligible for four *TOTALLY FREE* rides home annually in the event of a personal emergency. The rides will be provided by transit, taxi, or rental car through Commuter Connection's dispatching system at 1-800-745-RIDE (1-800-745-7433). Participants are required to pre-register with Commuter Connections, to provide a verification statement from their employer, and to arrange for their emergency trio home through the dispatching system. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Reprinted from the March 97 issue of /Ride On!/ newsletter of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) ]