'Twas the Night of the Crit Mass

Mark Motyka
December 1998

'Twas the night of the Crit Mass, when all through the street
Happy cyclists were joyously pedaling feet;
Riding on two wheels to show that they care
about hopes of safe streets, world peace, and clean air.

The children would watch and smile to see,
"These people ride bicycles exactly like me!"
"They don't need a chauffeur, a taxi, or car,
They just have fun riding from here to afar."

When gliding along there was barely a clatter,
No insurance fees, gas, or license would matter.
A virtual dream in a modern-day world,
Where the hustle and bustle of traffic unfurled.

When I first gazed upon them I thought it a trick,
That people on bikes could travel so quick.
More rapid than cars stuck in traffic they came,
And they whistled and shouted and cheered once again.

The moon on the smiles of bikers below
Gave proof to their vision of happiness so,
Social Space would be conjured and friendships appear,
Where autos once jostled in streets filled with fear.

Come out of your homes and come out of your stalls,
To the streets which are here for the use of us all!

We will share with you now this magic we know
Of laughter and fun, no more life-on-the-go.
There's FREEDOM inside every person on Earth,
And there's HAPPINESS waiting to spring forth with MIRTH!

But for many unsuspecting and steady a soul,
Car-culture has become a spinning black hole.
The pollution has darkened the blue sky above,
Oil wars have come, and jailed the Peace Dove.

The car is a jail for its driver as well,
Changing farmland and woodland to cartoonish hell.
Replaced with oppressive parking lot and mall,
And the lackluster views of unending sprawl.

"What happened?" you ask, "I do see it now,
How do I fix this? Won't you please tell me how?"
Go back to your families and neighbors and friends
Share the word now, before the chance ends!

When you take for yourself before sharing, you see,
And set aside caring for community,
You forsake the value of LOVE for a collar,
And sell out your soul for the $ign of the dollar.

But if you're looking to live in a happier way,
Then just stop. Come join us. Right now! Today!
For the story's not finished, you can write the end,
Unite and be heard, empower your friends!

Just keep growing and caring, it's not out of style.
This short season of sharing should last all the while.
So the Trumpets of Victory shall ring every day,
And the spirit of community will return to stay.

Ride a bike, fly a kite, take a swim, have a hike,
Plant some flowers, hug a tree, count the stars out at night.
Play some music, learn to dance, make a painting and find,
That the key to be happy is all in your mind.

Yes, "Do Unto Others" was the message they called,
Love your neighbor, and nature, and our fragile blue ball.
And I heard them exclaim as they biked out of sight,