(The following info is now out of date but was relevant in August 1997.)

I'm on travel in Florida for August in support of the Neurolab (STS- 89) Facility Trial Run exercise. For 8/11/97-8/23/97 I can be reached at the Wakulla Motel, room 336 (tel: 407-783-2230 x 336), located at 3550 North Atlantic Avenue, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931. I will also be checking my email (lanephil<"at" sign> or and my fax line (415-680-2306) daily. In addition, I have my cellphone here which can sometimes be used to track me down; if you dial 415-710-5456 it should ring here in Florida (theoretically; not yet tested). Please use only if urgent, it costs an arm and a leg per minute.

If none of those work you can leave voicemail for me at home (510- 843-1877; push 3 for my voicemailbox; do not push 1 for the housesitter's voicemailbox), or you can leave a message for me at the Wakulla Motel.

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