Philip K. Lane, M.D.

* on travel in Moscow, Russia, 12/21/2001-1/14/2002.

* Moscow State University (MGU), Metro: Universitet (Red Line / # 1 Line / Sokolnicheskaya Line), Russian Language Center Guest Hostel, rm 655.

* Moscow telephone: 7-095-932-9290, extension 33.

* From the USA dial 011 (international access), 7 (Russia country code), 095 (Moscow city code), then the 7-digit number. Ask for "tray, tray, pa-joust" (in Russian, three is pronounced inbetween "tray" and "tree", with a rolled "r", so "tray, tray, pa-joust" = "three three please").

* My phone answering machine is working on the Moscow telephone line; email is working (I retrieve emails about 1x/day); USA fax line is working (faxes are converted to email and forwarded to my email account); and I will also retrive messages from the Berkeley (California, USA) telephone every several days. The (USA) cellphone is temporarily out of service. Also, don't bother to try mailing anything to Russia, the post office here is still somewhere in the dark ages. Regular mail to my Berkeley address will be held there until my return.

* email: lanephil<"at" sign>

* web:

* (USA) tel: 510.843.1877. cell: 415.710.5456. fax: 415.680.2306

* snailmail: 2409 Hillside Ave., Berkeley, CA. 94704, USA

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