(The following info is now out of date but was relevant in Fall 1996 and Winter/Spring 1997.)

Following is my detailed contact information in Moscow for March 1997; please note. Preferred contact methods (voice telephone, voicemail, fax, and email), known to be active, reliable, and verified, are marked with double asterisks (**). NOTE: international access code is 011 from USA direct-dial phones, country code for Russia is 7, city code for special satellite access to hotel is 501. You can try city code 095 for Moscow instead, but line quality and reliability is much worse. After the city code you dial the local phone; all Moscow phones are 7 digits, i.e. xxx- xxxx. NOTE: in some cases (voicemail and fax), I've listed my USA phonelines instead. I'll be checking my USA voicemail about 2x/week, and faxes to my USA fax line are automatically forwarded to my email account which I check daily. TELEPHONES/FAX: ** direct voice (Russia): 011-7-501-821-2827 (active). This is direct to my hotel room (# 827); verified. Best times to call: 11am PDT [= 10pm Moscow]; or 8pm PDT [=7am Moscow].) But call anytime; it's your dime. :-) The answering machine on this line is now up and running. NOTE new prefix (821); the prior prefix (943) is defunct as of early March 1997, as the hotel has just revised its phone system. NOTE for in-Russia callers: this telephone number does not work from in-country; instead you must call the hotel front desk (see below) and ask for room 827. ** voicemail (USA): 510-843-1877 (active). This is my home telephone in Berkeley; I will be retrieving voicemail about 2x/week. ** fax (USA): 415-680-2306. This is my San Francisco fax line; it's a service which converts incoming faxes to email, and forwards them to my email account at the WELL, from which I'll be retrieving messages daily. NOTE for NASA/ARC staff, the fax problem (due to a programming glitch in the ARC phone system) to this number has now been resolved and faxes from ARC to this number now work fine. From an ARC fax dial 7-680-2306. ELECTRONIC MAIL ** email: (active), for NASA/BION issues; and lanephil<"at" sign> (active), for personal and other items. I will be checking for email about 1x/day. I can receive enclosure files at both addresses (Eudora MIME encoding and Macintosh Binhex 4.0 encoding both known to be working and verified) as well as regular email. OTHER ROUTES. Voice (Russia): 011-7-501-967-8141 (hotel front desk, ask for room #827, verified.) This works ok, but you can dial direct so why bother?. NOTE for in-Russia callers: calling the hotel front desk is your only option; direct-dial to my room does NOT work from in-country. Voice messages (Russia): You can try the hotel front desk but I'm pretty sure a message won't reach me ... The whole idea of messages seems not to have caught on too well at this hotel ... But you can leave a voice message on the answering machine in my room, so that's a better option. Fax (Russia, at hotel): 011-7-501-157-4581 (verified). This is the hotel fax machine, downstairs but not at the hotel front desk, it's at some other remotely located office somewhere in the hotel. Unless I am otherwise informed to ask for an incoming fax I won't know it's there and it may not automatically be handed to me. I recommend using my USA fax number. Fax (Russia, at IBMP): 011-7-095-571-8208. This is Vladimir ("Valodia") Magedov's office voice line and fax line, and the fax machine is *usually* plugged in and working ... if the line works, if there's fax paper, and if someone tells me there's a fax which arrived there for me ... Again I recommend using my USA fax number. web: (active). This is my personal web page address, and I will update the above contact information periodically. MAILING ADDRESS. NOTE: regular mail to Moscow is reportedly *UN*reliable, and Fed-Ex and DHL are reportedly reliable but I haven't tested either of them: Philip Lane, c/o Congress Centre Hotel, 55 Leningradsky Prospekt, Moscow 125468, Russia (metro/subway stop: AEROPORT). Note that the hotel is formally part of the Russian government Finance Academy (we stay there by special NASA-Russia arrangement), so it's not listed on the usual commercial hotel lists for Moscow. And if you happen to be passing by Moscow feel free to drop in anytime; the coffee's hot and it's PEET's ... -- Phil Lane, 3/13/97 Moscow NOTE< ABOVE MOSCOW INFO NOW IS OUT OF DATE.

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