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About Robbie Hatley

So, who is the madman who created this weird museum? My name is Robbie Hatley. That is my full name. I have no middle name, and Robbie is not short for anything. Please don't call me "Robert"; that is not my name. And for goodness sake never call me Hately. Hatley, not Hately. I am a man who wears many hats, but I most certainly do not have a heart full of hate.

What do I look like? I am a male Caucasian, DOB June 5 1959, 5'9", 175LB, brown eyes, brown hair. Many people have asked me "do you have a picture?" Yes, several. Click the following links to see some pictures of me, at different times during my life:
Pictures of Robbie Hatley on well.com
Pictures of Robbie Hatley on Facebook

Where do I live? That keeps changing. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, because that's where the nearest hospital was. I lived the first 3 years of my life in Tempe, Arizona. At age 4, my family and I moved to Orange County, California, where I've lived ever since. I've lived in Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Tustin, and Stanton; and currently, I live in Midway City.

What do I do for a living? I am a computer programmer and an electronics technician. I began my career as an electronics technician, 1978-2002. From 2003-2008 I was a computer programmer. From about August 2008 to about August 2010 I was unemployed due to the economy. From about August 2010 to present, I've been working as an electronics technician again, doing reverse-engineering and repair on electronics for a small firm in Santa Ana, Orange County, California, USA. For more on my professional history, check out my on-line résumé.

What do I truly care about? I care about the human race, and especially its children. I care about this planet and its animals, plants, land, oceans, air, ecology. I care about fairness. I care about Love. And most importantly of all, I care about truth.

What kind of personality do I have? I am an INTJ. "What the heck is an 'INTJ'?" I hear you asking. Well, INTJ is one of sixteen basic human personality types defined by the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). For more on this fascinating and usefull psychological model and personality categorization system, see my essay Personality Types and the Psychology section of my links page.

What are my interests? I am a big reader, especially of fantasy, including JRR Tolkien, HP Lovecraft, Terry Brooks, Steven King, Anne MacCaffrey, Clifford Simak, Ray Bradbury, and others. I see fantasy as being the highest form of human thought, in which a person dares to create new worlds that never were (yet), but may be (some day), rather than just stagnate in the status quo of the world as it is today. I am also a poet, a philosopher, a music-lover and sometimes-musician, a mathematician, an explorer, an electronics hobbyist (since 1967), a computer nerd (since 1973), an Internet fanatic and web-site designer (since 1996), an amateur radio operator (call sign KM6HT), and many other things. My interests are very eclectic.

Do I get along well with people? No, not really. I am a loner, a rebel, a misfit. I have few local friends, and I do not find it easy to make new friends. I am an extreme introvert, and prefer solitude for the most part. However, I do like making new friends (of both genders and all ages, from 1 to 137) on the Internet. The Internet seems to have a magic way of bringing out the latent extravertedness of introverts such as myself. I especially like befriending dreamers, those who dare to see things a different way. I am also here to be of help in any way I can to the sad, the lonely, the desperate. But I have little interest in associating with loud, aggressive, obnoxious people.

Am I religious? No. I intensely dislike organized religion. I see organized religion as being bad fantasy that doesn't even know it's fantasy. I especially dislike Islam, Christianity, and other religions which claim to be "the one and only true religion" and preach that non-believers are Hell-bound. On the other hand, I have more respect for the Sikh, Jain, Hindu, and Buddhist religions, as these do not consider nonbelieving people as being Hellbound or inferior. I especially admire the teachings of Tibetan Budhism and of it's current leader, Nobel Peace Prize winner Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama. But I detest any religion which is based on dogma or authority.

What do I do when I'm sick and tired of breathing city air? I go to the desert. I love exploring the wilderness. I especially love hiking in The High Mojave Desert, at midnight, when the moon is full. (See my poems "Mojave" and "Into The Great Mojave".) This is a way to put myself in touch with the infinite in a way no religion can. When I'm out in the desert, all the lies and confusions fall away, and the existence and presence of God and Devil (the ever-present forces of creation and destruction in this universe, not deities) in everything becomes clear and palpable, and does not require faith.

What is the most important thing of all to me? Most of all, I am a scientist. By that, I mean that I am a seeker after the truth. In the end, that is the most important thing to me: seeking truth. Truth sets people free. Lies, on the other hand, enslave people

Such is my nature.

Written Saturday August 15, 1998 by Robbie Hatley.

Last updated Monday March 3, 2013.

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