The Kingdom of Arnor

Elen sila lumenn omentilmo!

The Kingdom of Arnor, the Kingdom of the Numenorians in northern Eriador, endures. I, Arveleg I, King of Arthedain and of all Arnor, shall prevail over the witch king of Angmar. Our swords blaze red in the setting sun, and are endowed with Numenorian magic, which we in turn learned from the elves of The Blessed Realm, who learned it from Feanor himself. I have faith in the Valar that they shall protect us and that we shall be victorious in our long battle against the forces of Angmar.

In recent news, as of the year 1408 of the Third Age, with the help of our kinsmen of Cardolan, and our Elven friends from Lindon, we of Arthedain have reclaimed the Weather Hills from the forces of Angmar, and have regained possession of the tower of Amon Sul on Weathertop, and it's Palantir. We encircled the Weather Hills silently at night, while the men of Angmar were sleeping, and we attacked swiftly and violently at the first pale light of dawn. Our foes were taken completely by surprise! It was a slaughter. Our victory was complete. Very few of the forces of Angmar escaped to bring the news back to their cowardly witch king, who, unfortunately, was hiding back home in Angmar at the time. But finally, after years of struggle, I have achieved some measure of revenge for the slaying of my beloved father, Argeleb, by the combined forces of Rhudaur and Angmar in 1356.

Now that Cardolan has recognized the King of Arthedain (me) as being the King of all Arnor, it only remains for me to convince Rhudaur to do the same, then all three northern kingdoms -- Arthedain, Cardolan, Rhudaur -- will once again unite into a glorious, unified, reborn Arnor. Such is my dream. With luck, and the grace of the Valar, I am hopeful of achieving this goal within my lifetime. Then I can pass on a united kingdom to my son, Araphor, the next King of Arnor.

Then, perhaps in the days of my children's children, is it possible that the larger breach, between north and south, Arnor and Gondor, may be healed? For many centuries, Gondor has refused to recognize the King of Arnor as being the King of all Middle Earth, even though Isildur was the elder son of Elendil. But perhaps even that breach can be healed, in time. We can only hope.

I will keep you, my loyal citizens, posted on this situation.

Fair-well for now, my loyal Arnorian subjects; may a star shine on the hour of our meeting. I remain your devoted King, Arveleg.

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