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Greetings, friends. I am Dunhelm, 3rd. Marshall of the Riddermark. I am 12 years old. I reside in Rohan, in the capital city of Edoras, in a small house near the palace of Meduseld. I live with my father Fordwine and my mother Sandomer.

I ride beside my father, Fordwine, 2nd. Marshall of the Riddermark, on our long patrols over the rolling grasslands of Rohan. We sometimes come across roving bands of orcs, which we speedily dispatch. I, myself, have 17 kills. Due to the vigilence of our brave wariors, the residents of the outlying portions of Rohan can sleep easy at night.

Sometimes we ride with King Eomer himself, and accompany the king on his journies to the lands or Gondor, Arnor, and the Shire.

Once I even got to meet King Elessar, High King of all Middle Earth. It was my great honour to serve him food and drink at the great banquet hall in Meduseld. I was so nervous that I spilled some wine on his sleeve. I was so embarassed, I thought I was going to die! But he laughed kindly, and said, "relax, child! I am but a man! I don't bite!" and he looked into my eyes and smiled kindly and ran his kingly fingers through my golden hair. I was grinning shyly, and blushing so much I must have looked like a beet! King Elessar is indeed a wondrous and kindly man.

When I grow older, I will wed my beloved Rebecca. We swore our troth to each other while standing atop the burial mound of King Theoden, all covered with lush green grass and little white and golden flowers. This we did on our 11th birthday. (We were born on the same day, a little over 12 years ago.) Rebecca is the most beautiful lass in the world to me! She will be my wife, and we will have many fine children, and live in a nice little house of our own somewhere in Edoras.

The past has been pleasant, and the future looks promising; but it is the present that occupies most of my attention. Every day I learn something new. Life is wondrous for me. Not always pleasant or enjoyable; some of the lessons I have learned have been painful. But as my father says, "whatever doesn't kill you, my son, makes you stronger." I endure, and learn, and grow stronger and wiser from the misfortunes and setbacks which sometimes beset me. For truly, without some strife and struggle, a person stagnates, and withers. It is the struggle and turmoil in life which tests and strengthens us. Each time we conquer a new problem, we become stronger.

Rohan is my homeland. Other lands, I hear, are very beautiful and pleasant; but the rolling hills of Rohan, covered with lush green grass, and roamed by the wild heards of Rohan's fabulous horses (no equals anywhere else in Middle Earth), hold a special place in my heart. I will always Love and defend Rohan, to my last dying breath!

Go in peace, friend. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Rohan. Come again soon!

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