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Counterculture Timeline: The Eighties: End of the Cold War 1987 - 1991
Completion of Unraveling Period

1981-2001 GenX generation (Nomad/Reactive) born 1961-1981 continues to turn 20
1987       1987

?Ruben Blades
?Ladysmith Black Mambazo

TV: Vietnam series, Thirtysomething

Woody Allen: Radio Days
Dirty Dancing
La Bamba (Luis Valdez plays Richie Valens)
Platoon (saw as 86)
Cry Freedom, Mandela, Walker
Good Morning, Vietnam
(Fatal Attraction)
(Hope and Glory)
(My Life as a Dog)
Sammy and Rosie Get Laid
Fire From the Mountain (Nicaraguan struggle)
The East/The West (film by Kiyoshi Miyato on American Indians)

Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow - Sinetar
Growing a Business - Hawken
The Great Depression of 1990 - Ravi Batra (summer?)
Aug 15 &16   Harmonic convergence

Sept   Sept 1 -Brian Wilson loses legs at Concord Naval Weapons Station

(Turning third world debt into bonds) Ecuador debt-for-nature swap

Oct   Oct 5 US Supreme Court refuses to hear Native American activist Leonard Peltier appeal
Oct? Bork hearings
Oct 11 Second Lesbian & Gay March, Washington DC, again unreported by press.
President Oscar Arias Sanchez of Costa Rica wins Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end the fighting in Central America.
Prime interest rate raised to 9 1/4 (fifth raise this year)
Oct 16 &19 Wall Street: stock market/Dow falls 508 points
US attack on Iran oil platforms

Nov   Gorbachev criticizes Stalin on the 70th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, opening the door to re-examination of the Soviet past and loosening censorship

California Rural Legal Assistance and California Agrarian Action Project win suit (started 1979) against University of California for preferential research for large agri-business farmers

Nov 12 Unita/SA defeat in Angola (re-check xx)

Dec   INF Treaty signed by Reagan and Gorbachev providing for elimination of medium- and shorter-range nuclear missiles, during the first visit of a Soviet leader to the US in 14 years


1988   Nearly every West African country receives offers for accepting hazardous waste.
?ARDIS (Assoc for Responsible Dissent): Philip Agee, John Stockwell, Verne Lyon, Ralph McGehee, Philip Roettinger, Ilona Maria Lorenz.
?British buying up US?
Worst drought in 50 years & warmest Jan-May on record: farms in south & midwest US devastated; forest fires - Global warming draws public interest
Three million homeless in U.S. (sez EWJ)
Federal "Drug Czar" appointed to lead war on illegal drugs


Tracy Chapman
Michelle Shocked
K.D. Lang
?Baez, Collins, + Cohen
+ Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Pere Ubu
?Japanese Taiko drums
Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares

TV: thirtysomething (when did it start?)
Miami Vice (ditto)

The Unbearable Lightness of Being (from Kundera)
Babette's Feast
School Daze (Spike Lee)
The Milagro Beanfield War
Wings of Desire - Wim Wenders
Bagdad Cafe
Colors (Dennis Hopper)
Stand and Deliver (Edward Olmos plays Jaime Escalante)
The War in El Cedro (Viet vets go to Nicaragua)
The Last Temptation of Christ (Scorsese)
(Salam Bombay)
Tucker (Coppola)
Imagine: John Lennon
(Working Girl)
?Rain Man
(Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown)

The Chalice & the Blade
Matthew Fox: The Coming of the Cosmic Christ
William Gibson: Mona Lisa Overdrive
Jan   Restoring the Earth Conference

Jan 26 Australian Aborigines mark Australia's 200th anniversary as "invasion day"

Feb   Contra-Aid debate.
Ft. Bragg offshore oil drilling hearing.
EEC decides on 1992 Single European Market (end to internal barriers).
Gorbachev announces withdrawal of all 115,000 Soviet troops from Afhanistan.
Costa Rica's La Selva Protected Zone debt-for-nature swap.
G.E. workers agree to pay cut to keep their jobs.
Thousands of Armenians demand cancellation of a proposed chemical plant near Yerevan.

March   Mar 16 Puget Sound oil spill.
Mar 16 Iranscam indictments.
Mar 17 US soldiers sent to Honduras
Mar 24 Another Stock Market drop

April   Apr 18 Attack on Iraq + Palestinian leader shot

Apr 25
Greenpeace & the Danish Government debate Association of Martime Incinerators before scientific committee of the London Dumping Convention over proposal for world-wide ban on incineration of toxic wastes at sea, which European countries have been doing since 1969 (about 90,000 tons toxic waste a year)

Apr 26
?Shell? oil spill - Suisun Bay

May   U.S. inflation worries starting again).
Hungary: Kadar out after 32 years.
Lilco agrees to sell unfinished Long Island Shoreham nuclear power plant to NY for $1 to be dismantled (ck for more recent ???)
May-Jun Reagan visits Gorbachev in Moscow & signs xxx

June   June 1 Brazilian govt recognizes Native American right to remain in their territories.
Jn? Australian govt agrees to negotiate first treaty with Aborigines.
The Khian Sea, which left Philadelphia Oct 1986 with 10,000 tones of incinerator ash, has been refused permission to dump in the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Haiti, & Guinea-Bissau
June/July Dollar rises (through summer) 120 to 135 yen

July   U.K.:Big summer of House Party/Acid House all-night dance events (Ecstasy at The Hacienda, Manchester).
Hospital wastes found on US east coast beaches.
Sunday before 31st: 100,000 people link hands on the north German coast to protest government complacency in fighting epidemic which has killed 4000 North Sea seals in the last three months

Aug   Cease fire in Angola (13 yrs civil war).
Cease fire in Iran-Iraq war (8 yrs)/
USSR starts withdrawal from Afghanistan (after 8 1/2 yrs) - 100,000 troops to be out by Feb 15
(13,00 have been killed; 22,000 wounded)
Hopeful initiatives underway in Cyprus & Western Sahara.
"Vietnam may withdraw from Cambodia".
Poland agrees to talk with Walesa (after 8 yrs).
Aug 27 55,000 attend 25th anniversary Washington Civil Rights March.

Sept   Sept 8 Boise, Idaho: 4 white supremacists plead guilty to plotting bombings, robberies & the murder of Morris Dees.
NYT: "Is the cold war drawing to a close?"
Sept 12 - 40,000 demonstrate in Budapest against Danube dam [Utne Jan/Feb 1989 p. 88] [don't I have this earlier??]
Sept 19 Burma & Haiti rebel.
Sept 29 80,000 in West Berlin protest IMF policies, 400 arrested.
(Sept Savings & loans failures continuing)

Oct   Albert Hoffman Institute founded L.A. & Switzerland re-legalizes LSD research.
Energy Dept finally admits problems with nuclear arms industry and nuclear plants.
Oil prices dropping again - below 10 dollars/barrel.
Oct? (8 months after Armenians in Feb) 50,000 Latvians, Estonians, & Lithuanians link arms in a human chain stretching 150 km along the shore of the severely polluted Baltic Sea (Utne July/August 1989 p. 47)

Nov   Robert Morris sends Internet Worm (computer virus).
Nov Bush elected (vs Dukakis) but with Democratic Congress and with both candidates supporting environmentalism. Also Insurance reforms in California.
Thailand: protests against dam.

Dec   (Dec 7? U.N. adopts global weather resolution) (explain?).
Dec 8? Gorbachev speech at U.N. (then hurries home after Georgia earthquake).
Dec 14 US agrees to talk to PLO.
Dec 23? Peace in Namibia.
Dec? Chico Mendes, rubber tapper & rain forest activist, murdered in Brazil
At UN, Gorbachev announces he will cut Soviet troops by 500,000.
"Intifada started".

when?   EEC/US "on the brink of trade war"
Benazir Bhutto elected in Pakistan


1989   U.S. average family income regains 1973 level (only with two wage-earners)


Mississippi Burning
High Hopes (U.K.)
Dead Poets Society
Do the Right Thing (Spike Lee)
Comic Book Confidential
Story of Women/Une Affaires des Femmes (Chabrol)
Woody Allen: Crimes and Misdemeanors
Born on the Fourth of July
Sex, Lies and Videotape
Roger and Me (more 1990)
Distant Voices, Still Lives (UK)
Jan   Jan 5 Riots against African students in China.
? Matthew Fox's banning.
Salmon Rushdie: Satanic Verses
Libyan chemical weapon plant.
Jan 24 "Dow Jones back to Oct. 17 level"
Jan 30-Feb 3 Record cold E & N U.S. (Alaska storm)

Feb   Feb 4 Paraguay: Stroessner (dictator 35 years) unseated in military coup.
Feb? Antarctic oil spill/
Feb ?First? public demonstrations of Virtual Reality
Salmon Rushdie receives death threat.
Feb [last??] Russian soldiers come back from Afghanistan.

March   Time Inc and Warner merge to create the largest media company.
Gorbachev declares the failure of Stalinist collectivization and centralized control of agriculture, and proposed to return land to families and allows first contested elections in USSR.
Mar 10 Hungary: new constitution & Lithuania: Si-u-dees(t) to win 30/42
Mar 13 Tibet demonstrations
third world debt
Mar 24 Exxon Valdez oil spill - Alaska (Prince William Sound) 37,415 tons
Mar 27 USSR: first contested elections
Mar-Apr UK: "No winter in Europe this last year & things are blooming 2 months early

April   Gorbachev purges USSR Central Committee of those opposing reform
Apr 6 Vietnam volunteer GIs return, after 2 month visit
Apr 7 Annual reclaim the test site demo ?starts
Apr 9 Georgia, ?USSR: 17 die
Wash D.C. Pro-Choice March 100,000
Apr 10 Gas prices raised
Apr 12 Abbie Hoffman dead
Bush? announces renewal all water leases: Orange Cove near Fresno, Friant Dam
Apr 26 Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China demonstrations start
Apr 28 170 conscientious objectors have left South Africa in 4 years; Mobil leaves South Africa due to end of tax credits

May   Hungary: demolition of first part of East-West wall on Austrian border
May 8 (eve) Georgia demo - 20 killed (USSR)
May 11 Panama: government calls election void, Bush sending troops
May 15 Russians getting Vietnam to pull out of Cambodia (by Sept) -> talks w China
Gorbachev to China
May 14-18 China demonstrations in Tienanmen Square during USSR-China talks
May 31 "18th day" China demonstrations: ?100,000 in Tienanmen Square

June   June 3-4 China: police attack demonstrators in Tienanmen Square, end demonstration.
June 4 Solidarity wins in Poland.
June 5 Khomeini dead.
Prime 11 1/2 -> 11%
June 6 Sacramento: Rancho Seco voted down
J 5-10 Uzbeck youths Fergona Valley attack Misketi Turks
June 8 Poland's first free election since the Communists took over brings overwhelming victory for Solidarity candidates
June 12 Expansion of Native American water rights upheld by Supreme Court
Falwell announces Moral Majority to end Aug. 31
June Heavy rains in Ohio, flooding in 13 eastern U.S. states
U.K.: drought (most since summer 1976)
?summer another attempt at re-introducing the mini

Aug 23   2 million in Balkans form human chain on the 50th anniversary of the secret agreement which made them part of the Soviet Union

Sept 10   Hungary opens its border with Austria to allow the exit of East Germans gathered at West German Embassy in Budapest.


Oct 17 SF quake
  Oct 1 East German leader Erich Honecker tries to deal with flood of East Germans escaping through Hungary and Czechoslovakia (200,000 by November) by allowing those in Prague and Warsaw to leave for the West by train, then tries to stem the flow with a ban on visas for travel to Czechoslovakia
Oct 7 Hungarian Communist party reconstitutes itself as Socialist Party
Oct 8 week before: Donald Trump bid to take over American Airlines, United & Northwest airlines also embroiled in takeovers since last spring = 3 of the largest airline carriers
Oct 13 Dow drops 190? points
Oct 17 Hungarian parliament revises constitution to allow multiparty system and free elections planned for 1990
Oct 18 East Germany: Honecker replaced by Egon Krenz
Oct 28 East Germany: Krenz eases travel restrictions for East Germans

Oct 28 Czechoslovakia: Arrest of playwright Vaclav Havel and others provokes protest by 10,000; police break up demonstration.

Nov   Nov 4 500,000 demonstrate in East Berlin to Nov 7, when government resigns
Nov 8 East Germans again pouring into West Germany via Czechoslovakia; East German Politburo resigns and is replaced by a smaller body.

Nov 9 East Germany opens its borders - "Berlin wall comes down"
Nov 13-14 Czechoslovakia opens its borders
Nov 17 Czech: 10-20,000 teens try to march to Wenceslaus(sp?) Square, Prague; 400 injured
Nov 18 Czech: strike at schools, invitations of forbidden speakers; Town meetings start; Civic Forum formed
Nov 21-22 Czechoslovakia: 1 million demonstrators - over next week becomes general strike
Nov 24 350,000 Czechs demonstrate in Prague, party leaders resign
Nov 26 Hungarians hold free vote and deprive party of chance to hold a
presidential election before a parliament is elected.
Nov 27 Czechoslovakia general strike
Nov 28 Czechoslovakia party announces it will adopt new constitution, allow non-Communist ministers, abandon compulsory teaching of Marxism, and allow freer press and Hungary announces first free election
Nov 30 Czechoslovakia eases travel restrictions to the West

Dec   Dec 14 NATO announces troop reduction
Dec 18 demonstrations in Romania
(Dec 19 764,000 in current US army)
89 Dec 20 US invades Panama
Dec 22 Caescescu overthrown, Rumania
(Dec 27 disco line dance craze)


Jan   Myles Horton, founder of Highlander Folk School, dies
Jan 22 Stock Market drops 77 points
Jan 24 Secret Service agents raid homes of Acid Phreak and Phiber Optik and confiscate computer? equipment
(California Drought Year #4)


TV: Twin Peaks (April 1990-June 1991)

Robert Bly
Feb   week before Feb 2? South African transit workers win strike
Feb 2 Secret Service agents raid Len Rose, aka Terminus
Feb 2 South African government legalizes ANC
Feb 4 Colombia gives half its forest to indigenous tribal peoples
Feb 7 USSR legalizes multi-party
Feb 7 Secret Service raids three more computer hackers
Feb 11 South Africa: Mandela released
Feb 14 Drexel Burnham Lambert junk bond kings: bankruptcy
Feb 15 Secret Service raids Craig Neidorf, editor of Phrack on-line magazine
Feb 16 Lithuania ? declares independence?
when? Latvia & Estonia declares independence

90 Feb 21 Tokyo stock market drop (1000 yen?) "due to interest drop" (4.5%)
Feb 25 Nicaraguan election: Sandanistas defeated by Chamorro

Mar   Mar 1 Secret Service raids Steve Jackson Games
Mar 16 GOP Lee Atwater's change of heart

May 9   Secret Service announces 28 new hacker raids under Operation Sun Devil

    20 years after Earth Day evenets
?start of New York City's enviro group;s summer first intercontinental Indian meeting, Ecuador [Utne #48 p 74]

July 8   Sunday before this - monetary and economic reunion of Germany (?adopted?)

Aug   Iraq invades Kuwait

Oct 3   Germanys reunite

Nov   Nov 12 -14 "Clearing squatters E. Berlin"
Nov 19 Paris: CFE treaty signed, 22 nation



1991   US average wage is no higher than 1973, adjusted for inflation
(Jan MacWorld: multimedia)
Jan 12 US Congress authorizes Gulf War after three days debate
Jan 16- U.S. bombs Iraq out of Kuwait
March Los Angeles: citizen videos cop beating of Rodney King
June 11 FDIC insolvent - 440 banks failing; S&Ls 80 billion + 50 billion coming +
June 17 N Ireland: half population under 28; all parties but Sinn Fein meet about home rule ("after 17 years of England's involvement since troubles started") 1974-
June 17 South Africa: Apartheid laws repealed
June 21 South Africa: ends ban law

Aug 18 attempted USSR coup
Oct 20 Oakland fire (+ Bill Graham dead)
Dec or Jan 92? USSR reformation as commonwealth
Dec 31? cease fire in El Salvador


Alice (Woody Allen)
The Doors
To Sleep with Anger
A Rage in Harlem
Thelma & Louise
Dances with Wolves
Paris Is Burning
The Fisher King
The Commitments

Dec? or Jan 92? Paul Simon to South Africa

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