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Counterculture Timeline: Please Make It Green 2012 - ???

June 6, 2012 - Transit of Venus across the Sun

I always perceived in retrospect that those experiences especially our experimentation with psychedelics and peyote and such and with pot wasn't a free ride. Yes, it was gloriously good and it opened our lives to many things. Some of it turned sour for some people who overindulged in it, which is true of any substance, but the perspective we gained that Buddhists monk take maybe 20 years to achieve in deep meditation, we got in 45 minutes. And I always felt there was probably a reason for that, in the generational sense. But I don't think our whole story is finished yet, it hasn't all been played out here. There were reasons why we went through that stuff, and as I said it wasn't a free ride and there was some responsibility for that insight, but you'll hear more from us, before it's done. - Luria Castell (Rockin' At the Red Dog)


2002-2021 :Millennial" Generation Y (Hero) born 1982-2001 is starting to turn 20.

2021-2041 Active period of an Adaptive generation Z (Artist) born 2002-2021 turns 20 creating a High.
Born after the end of the Cold War and the Internet, and the Middle East oil wars and noticeable Global Climate Change - Children of new prosperity and freedoms, but with a global consciousness. In 2008, they are 16 years old to in kindergarten and elementary school, or not yet born. They are grandchildren of Boomers (and children of the Hero generation). They are playful, happy, out for a good time. Their heros are the Beats. [An Artist (or Adaptive) generation is born during a Crisis, spends its rising adult years in a High, spends midlife in an Awakening, and spends old age in an Unraveling. Artistic leaders have been advocates of fairness and the politics of inclusion, irrepressible in the wake of failure.]

If the Mayan Sacred Calendar is accurate, the main energy will rise in Asia.

2042-2061 Active period of an Internet generation (Prophet) born 2022-2041 turns 20 creating an Awakening.
Born after whatever happens in and after 2011. They are the next generation that will understand what was being strived for in the sixties, and will understand what happened and push it forward. [Awakening - driven by inner zeal to become philosophers, religious pundits, and hippies. Civil order comes under attack from new values. A Prophet (or Idealist) generation is born during a High, spends its rising adult years during an Awakening, spends midlife during an Unraveling, and spends old age in a Crisis. Prophetic leaders have been cerebral and principled, summoners of human sacrifice, wagers of righteous wars. Early in life, few saw combat in uniform; late in life, most come to be revered as much for their words as for their deeds.]