The Technology Refresh Project will begin this Fall to provide employees with the latest desktop/notebook hardware and software. One machine per employee will be "refreshed" with more than 4000 computers scheduled for replacement over a six month period. Together with the new Ethernet network infrastructure currently being implemented, this project will result in a dramatic impact upon your work. Once your new system is installed, you can expect faster performing workstations, minimal downtime, rapid responses to problems, and current and compatible applications that meet your business needs.

Why Now?
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As a result of the rapid change in technologies, we have evolved as an organization with a complex and difficult to support computer environment. The current infrastructure does not meet the requirements of the customers or the requirements of the support organizations. We currently supports 80+ combinations of systems which leads to a higher per-user support cost and long wait times for workstation assistance to implement simple changes.

What's In It For Me? (Benefits)
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Faster machine Improved data security - automated data backup Improved productivity and functionality Reduced need for support Improved self-help capabilities

Plus, each new workstation or laptop contains a standard suite of business applications including encryption applications.

What Do I Need To Do Now?
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There are two actions necessary to ensure your refresh occurs as scheduled;

What About Training?
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Both the Windows 2000 operating system and Windows 2000 suite of application software have advanced features that require training. While training is not mandatory, it is suggested. The Training team will schedule the training in concert with a group's installation. Users not able to participate in the scheduled session will be offered training via computer-based training (CBT) and web-based (browser) options or have the option to enroll in classroom training on an as-available basis.