Glastonbury in pictures

This is the main crossroads in the center of town. On the left are two nice restaurants with open air seating. Behind you on the right is the Town Hall and the entrance to the Abbey. Just around the corner on the right is the Glastonbury Experience. Behind you on the left are hotels, restaurants and bookstores.

Looking back at the center of town. Entrance to Glastonbury Experience is on the left.

The Glastonbury Experience - entrance from the main street. Inside is a cafe, a meeting room, a lending library, and half a dozen arty shops. as well as the Goddess Temple.

Inside the Glastonbury Experience.

Inside the Glastonbury Experience. Cafe on left (it's behind a used book store), shops on right and ahead, library through blue gates, Goddess Temple on second floor up the stairs, spiritual school upstairs above bookstore. Wonderful any time of day!

Current home of the Goddess Temple. I wish I had pictures of inside. It is gorgeous and peaceful.

Come out of Glastonbury Experience, turn right, and you are looking farther up the main street, heading toward the Chalice Well and the Tor. Spiritual shops and bookstores on both sides + restaurants.


This is back the other way, the low end of town, on the right, the entrance to the Abbey. Probably some of the oldest buildings. The Town Hall is to the right of this.

The Town Hall - they have bands events here. I attended a meeting of psychics here.

The Tor, from outside town, in the Somerset Levels, which used to be underwater, but are now pastureland and peat fields. They are restoring some of the cut out peat fields to marshes with ducks these days. Great bicycling.


The view down onto Glastonbury town from up on the Tor. This is the true color. And this is pretty much the whole town. The Chalice Well is at the foot of the Tor hill. There is a bus almost to the top every half hour from the parking lot next to the Town Hall. How easy is that?


The gorgeous Chalice Well and gardens. See pictures in the virtual tour. / More Chalice Well photos.

Myths about and pictures of the Tor.

An interview with Kathy Jones, founder of the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury.

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