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“If you don’t change course, you’ll end up where you’re headed”
- Ancient Chinese Proverb


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Strategic thought is the key
A complex and dynamic environment with great changes usually forces everybody involved to focus on daily survival. In reality development and survival is created in deliberate long-term engagement based on a sufficiently good perception of oneself, ones environment and ones future. Well grounded long term actions increases the possibilities of survival both long and short term.
An unorthodox philosopher
Take a self-taught hacker with academic background in philosophy and informatics and add technology intelligence experience, strategic thinking and scenario planning you get one clue to Martin Börjesson.
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Founder of futuramb
I am the founder of futuramb ( which is helping management groups and boards to  have strategic conversations about the future. 

Methods include:
Strategic conversations
>> Scenario workshop
>> Seminars and workshops
>> Inspiring speeches and lectures about the future
>> Future explorations

Current (picks)

Right now I am working with a small scenario project about the future of digital media consumtion. How will the future play out for the music and film industry?


Participates in network  for strategic business intelligence

Teaches at masters level at the IT-university in Göteborg

Industrial PhD student at Department of Informatics, School of Business and Commercial Law at Göteborgs Universitet.

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