Monday, October 13, 2003

Citizens strike back for transparency...

The terrorist attack sept 11, 2001 has changed the borders between personal integrity and the demand for security. American and other western world citizens is today accepting much more government control than before. But what is the price of that? Two MIT researchers are working on create more balance in the relation. By using P2P technology - the technology used in the music switching networks - they are creating a platform aiming at increasing citizen insight into governmental work. The idea is to enable citizens to put together all the bits and pieces of information and create a common picture of government actions. Read the article in New Scientist

If the US Government is unable to stop this by legal means, citizens of tomorrow will have a really powerful tool in their hands. The consequence for governments and politicians is probably that they in the short run will be even more focused on what the public say and think than doing their job. In the long run I think there is even a bigger risk that the government increasingly will cover their actions "for the sake of national security". The war about the 1984 society or not is definitely afoot and one successful terrorist attack is the reason.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Consumption as political activism?

A popular statement about the new age is that we vote with our money. Since the new ruling powers are not the nation states, but the large corporations we as consumers are the new political grass root power which make impact by our daily purchases. Really? What political purchases have you done today?? In the article Let's Act Like Citizens, Not Consumers at Betsy Barnum argue that consumer power is a myth and she has four pretty good reasons for saying so.

Rapid Climate Change - a big issue

There is a inherent problem with issues that are too big to grasp. They simply does not connect to our daily lives or thoughts for the most of us. The demographic issues is one example. Environmental issues in general are difficult, but ones that take on a global perspective are extremely tricky. The issue of Rapid Climate Change is one that has been evolving over many years. Read about it's story in this AIP essay at

What about the catagory of Big Issues? Is any political system today really organized to deal with these issues or do our new global perspective require new political models??