Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Interesting debate around the most pressing global matters

The Global Consensus project gathered 38 of the world's top economists in Copenhagen to create the top list of challenges to humanity. On the top positions were HIV/Aids, hunger, free trade and malaria, but not climate change. This have of course caused a debate.

From the pragmatists (e g Bjørn Lomborg) there is the argument that we should focus on those problems we actually have a chance to do something about.

From the idealists the argument is focused on that the stable climate is a "system condition for civilisation".

Read about the issue yourself:
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I think it is very good that a debate around these kind of global questions takes place, and that is exactly was Bjørn Lomborg has been striving for.

From my view it is also a very clear sign that the political agenda is continuing to shift from the left-right scale to a idealist-pragmatist scale. Something which is also happening at both the regional, national and local scenes. Unfortunately it is seldom recognized since the democratic and political mental models and mechanisms are clouding the views for most of us.