Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Scientists agree: humanity is the cause of climate change!

After several years in the automotive business I have now and then been involved in the discussion about climate change and if humanity is to blame or not. The argument propelling the ignorance in the car industry have always been that there are scientists on both sides. An article in Science Online tells about some research about what scientists really think based on what they've published. It becomes quite clear that the scientific community is united. Humanity is to blame!

Based on this fact all we have to do is take the consequences and act.

I wonder in what other areas this could be true that scientists actually agree but the public view of the issue is that there exists no common truth. The dangers of mobile phones seems to tip over to be regarded as a truth... Which are the others?

Read the article at Science -- Oreskes 306 (5702): 1686

Friday, January 07, 2005

When CIA, the Pentagon and the UN agree... is most probably true or at least highly relevant! What do they agree on then? That the global issues like

  • shortage of drinking water
  • climate change
  • global infectious deseases
  • the increasing gap between the rich and the poor

will have huge impact on national security for the western world and in particular the US.

The question is not if or when we should do something but how we should organize the work that should start immediately.

Maybe 2005 is the year when this will happen or att least start to emerge. Jamais Cascio and Alex Steffen have started a blog site called that acknowledges the fact that we already have models, tools and ideas. The problem lies in collecting them, organizating them and informing about them.

In the aftermath of the tsunami in asia I recognise an increased attention in global problems. Both the reactions from my friends and the writings on the blogs I read seems to suggest that other important global issues also comes on the agenda.

What do the CIA, the Pentagon and the UN Have in Common? - Independent Media TV