On the night of Day 13 of Spring, year 538, I was hunting solo in the south forest for coins. I let my health slip a little too much and fell to a fairly fierce bolok. As I lay fallen, waiting for a healer to come, the strange and enigmatic Minx came to peer at me. He said "poor poor sylvan... " and started to float away. Knowing of Minx's fascination with death -- he has visited and observed many fallen exiles in Lok'groton -- I yelled "wait!!! Minx! what have you learned of death?"

He returned and spoke to me a bit. Below is the content of our conversation, with some of my notes and questions.

Althea of Redwood,
Day 17 of Spring, Year 538.

Minx begins to speak.

It's interesting that he spoke of travelling beyond these lands with magic...

Minx responds to my question "and what did you learn?"

Apparently in other places, the races do not fall; they die. Indeed, pre-exile, many of us have seen loved ones perish.

What does this mean for those holding tickets to Peaceton?

What does this mean for those exiles we believe to have died while in Exile? Does Minx know the answer to this?

If this power is indeed weakening, what does the future hold?
Where does the power to fall instead of die reside? Is it a function of the alter? Perhaps Hekkus knows... if he will still speak to us...
Minx responds to my question of why the power is weakening and what the source of this power is.
Minx prepares to take his leave of me. We must look for his return. My head is spinning with questions.