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Thanks from Readers

"I can't tell you how much your insomnia advice helped me out. Just know that you did someone somewhere some good."- Nick

"It was almost 2:30 in the morning (I have to be up at 7 a.m.). Using 'quiet ears' I was asleep in less than 10 minutes." - Tricia

"I can't tell how much I appreciate the varied yet concise information you provide. I practically fell asleep just reading the 'progressive relaxation' directions." - Jim

"I've been using several of the techniques suggested and I must say that they help a lot. I've strayed from the idea of chemically inducing my sleep as has been suggested to me by my parents and even my doctor. The fact that these behavioral ones are having a positive effect on my sleeping patterns is almost remarkable. I just wanted to thank you for making them available."- John

"I'm now a confirmed toe wiggler and have had two completely restful nights thanks to your information." - Shelley

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