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An Object-Oriented Interactive Application Development Environment

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Chief features of the Developer include:

Note: If you are interested in discussing or evaluating this technology, please send us an email. - ZIPped Microsoft Word file with basic documentation of the environment and language

devps122.gz - GZIPped PostScript version of the documentation file.

We have used this development environment at Open Mind internally for several years now.

Philosophy of the Developer Design:

The basic philosophy of the Developer is that language environments should support both high-speed, efficient execution and interactive, dynamic programming. The system should allow the programmer to modify program structure radically and interactively, rather than force the programmer to make all of his/her design and architectural decisions early on and stick with them forever. To facilitate this, the Developer implements a simple yet unusual design: a high-speed, integrated code browser and compiler which allows the programmer to use the compiler as a direct adjunct to the code editing process, a combination of interpreted and compiled execution which allows the programmer to modify a high-speed application even while it is running, and a Smalltalk-style interactive code browser.

This is a simple but powerful idea.

The future:

In the future, we hope to work with partners to extend and enhance the Developer architecture. The language itself may evolve as well; we are considering simplifying the grammar further to create a system which can support domain-specific syntax, extensible reference types, more powerful features such as compiler metaprograms.

Contact us:

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to contact us:

Mitsu Hadeishi
General Partner
Open Mind Research


Doug Cutrell
General Partner
Open Mind Research

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