P.A. 1964
Tom Seligson
15 Bradley Street
Westport, CT 06880
July, 2000

Though the active participation in our class listserver (pa64@onelist.com) has declined these last few months, it is still worth checking out. New contributors to our daily forum include Dick Wolf who somehow finds the time to write in, despite his ever busier schedule. In addition to "Law and Order," and its spin-off, "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit," Dick has another new crime show, "Deadline" scheduled for this fall. He's also executive producing a new show for syndication, "Arrest and Trial." Rennie Potter has been weighing in with a number of thoughtful entries. The moving tribute he wrote about his mother on Mother's Day touched this particular son's heart. It even made me feel guilty for the tension I was having with my own mother at the time. Of course, how many 54 years olds, along with wife, 3 year old daughter, cat, and assorted nannies moves in with his mother for 8 months. That's how long it took this scribe to renovate his house. Of course, now that's it over, and I'm back on my own turf, my mother has also returned to sainthood. As for Rennie, he works in San Francisco, for the Trust for Public Land, doing conservation deals, protecting everything from urban parks to the remote wilderness. His focus is the Sierra Nevada Range and Foothills. Rennie stays in touch with John Carr, lunches with Matthew McClure, and has exchanged reading lists with Steve Kroll. Steve, who's currently reading Proust (although in English, don't be too impressed) is still living in Washington. He's now the Chief Counsel of a small agency of the Treasury Department that does counter-money laundering work. He has two kids, 5 and 11, and serves as an admissions interviewer for Andover. He recently ran into Nat Semple, Bob Cheek, and the party-loving Randy Elkins at the D.C. Capital Campaign Kickoff.

News about many of our classmates still comes in via some of the old fashioned media. Doc Downing called my attention to an item in the Washington Post about Howie now "David" Reines. Seems David and National Public Radio star Nina Totenberg met back in 1993. At the time, David was married to his wife Gail, and Nina to former Colorado senator Floyd Haskell. When they met again earlier this year, Totenberg told David that Haskell had died from pneumonia. Many of you remember that Gail died several years ago, following a valiant battle with breast cancer. Well, I'm delighted to share the news that David and Totenberg are now engaged. David, by the way, is now chief of surgery at Newton-Wellesley Hospital and a professor at Tufts Medical School. Don Grinberg was impressively featured in a "Boston Business Journal" about Boston's new Convention and Exhibition Center. Don is one of the principal architects of the huge (1.7 million square feet) center which is costing $700 million, and scheduled for completion in 2003. The building has earned glowing reviews for its visionary design, elements of which have been compared to the Pompidou center, and for how, despite its massive size, it is visitor friendly. Owen MacNutt's business is all about pleasing visitors. Owen owns the popular Box Lunch restaurant in Wellfleet, which specializes in turning out "rollwiches" to more than 900 customers a day. The Wall Street Journal ran a story about Owen's successful recruitment of foreign students to help man his store. American student employees were forever quitting at the height of the summer season, leaving him understaffed. For the last ten years, he's been putting up his more loyal foreign workers in dormitory-style condos, and developing a fatherly relationship with them. "It's been the most incredible experience," says the former school teacher now "rollwich" king, who stays in regular touch after they return home. "I e-mail back and forth with all my babies.," says Owen. "And anywhere I want to travel in the world, I have open arms." The same holds for classmates visiting our listserver.

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Last updated 19 August 2000