P.A. 1964
Tom Seligson
15 Bradley Street
Westport, Ct. 06880
May, 2001


For those classmates not addicted to our listserve (and if youíre not addicted, you miss half the postings), be advised that mini-reunions are sweeping the nation. Boston, and the Bay area were the first impromptu gatherings of classmates who realized this every five years business just isnít enough. Following the Bush Bash, which reinforced our mutual affection, the partying continues. Tony Bryantís stopover in New York, while on route to visit his new Connecticut grandson, inspired a Gotham lunchtime gathering of Bob Cheek, Dick Wolf, Eric Chase, Didi Pei, and yours truly. We all had such a good time we might still be there, if it werenít for distractions like work and family. Philadelphia was the scene of another class blowout, one which included Frank Holland, Sean Kennedy, Alan Wofsey, and our favorite artist/raconteur Bryce Muir, down from the Maine woods for the occasion. Bryce even dashed off some sketches of his mini-reunion-mates, which you can check out on the listserve (message 15,081).

If youíre not yet on-line with the rest of us, itís still easy to stay informed about our class. Thatís because itís not only classmates who become President you can read about in the paper. Not surprisingly Clay Johnson was profiled in The New York Times about his position as Georgeís Director of Presidential Personnel. Clay is responsible for interviewing applicants for the more than 1,200 jobs in the new administration. Clay did the same thing for George as Governor, so he obviously gives good interview. However, so far I have yet to hear a name from PA Ď64 in line for a prize ambassadorial post. Did Clay not receive the list we put together at our 35th? Someone should get it to him fast. The Times was also where I spied the wedding announcement of one Glenn Greenberg to a young woman (35) named Linda Vester. The Times has recently begun running short pieces on how select couples met and courted. Glennís wedding was given this treatment, and it offered a colorful picture of how our seemingly long-lost classmate has fared of late. Glenn, whoís co-founder and a managing director of Chieftain Capital Management in Manhattan, met his new wife (wife number two) on a blind date. It wasnít completely blind, because his bride is an anchor for the Fox News Channel, and he was able to check her out, not only on television, but also through the windows of Foxís street level studio. On their first date, Glenn wooed her by serving her herbal tea, and serenading her on his guitar. "I thought, here is a Renaissance man," the Times quotes Vester. "A successful investment manager who can even play love songs he has written himself." Vester is no slouch herself. A middle East scholar, she has covered the Persian Gulf war, wars in Rwanda and Somalia, and speaks Arabic and French. Glenn is obviously very happy. The wedding photo makes him look not much older than his wife. Congratulations to both of them.

The commuter marriage of David Reines and the renowned NPR reporter Nina Totenberg was the focus of a recent article in The Boston Globe. Since David is still chairman of surgery at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, and Nina covers the Supreme Court, the couple are only able to spend weekends together, splitting their time between Davidís "stately French country house" in Dover, Massachusetts, and Ninaís "1892 Colonial townhouse on Capital Hill." Itís a second marriage for both of them. Davidís wife, Gail, died from cancer several years ago, and Ninaís first husband was the late Colorado senator Floyd Haskell, a fellow P.A. graduate, class of 1933. David demonstrated his "quite the guy" style in how he popped the question. He used surgical forceps to slip a written proposal into a fortune cookie.

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