P.A. 1964
Tom Seligson
15 Bradley Street
Westport, Ct. 06880
August, 2002


It's obvious by now that we can't see enough of each other. The once every five years get-togethers that may satisfy other classes just doesn't cut it with us. What other class can lay claim to organizing two mini-reunions within a six week period. Over July 4th, classmates from across the country, even Europe, gathered at Virginia's Homestead Resort for a weekend of golf, fine dining, music and renewed camaraderie. Nat Semple, and Patsy, Tory Peterson and Janet, Peter Pfiefle and Lisa L.E. Sawyer and Carolyn, Lee Kenna and Cachi, joined Tony Sapienza, Rob Auld, Bill Semple, Steve Spare and Henry Hobson, who came all the way from France. By all accounts, the fairway competition was fierce, which is why I'll leave the outcome to those directly involved. However, the real excitement appeared to be off the course. During a Lee Greenwood concert, Monsieur Hobson took home the prize for best belly dancer, and Bill "Benny Goodman" Semple impressed his fellow classmates, along with 1000 other Homestead guests, when, clarinet in hand, he marched up on stage, and joined a performing Motown band, wowing all within earshot with his stirring rendition of "Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey." He evidently brought down the house. These golf junkets sound like so much fun that some of us duffers may resort to taking up the game, or better yet, just show up for the post-golf festivities.

Golf wasn't what drew more than 50-odd classmates and family members to Bristol, Rhode Island, the weekend of August 16th. They came to participate in the first annual PA '64 Eco-Action Event, organized by Dewolf Fulton. An inside account of this latest '64 Reunion is in the current Bulletin.

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