P.A. 1964
Tom Seligson
February, 1997

News this issue comes via news clippings, post cards, phone calls made by yours truly, and even E-mail (see, you've got lots of choices).

"Semple Twins Alive and Well," read the wonderful note I received from Nat Semple courtesy of AOL. You remember Nat's serious liver and kidney problems, which I reported on several years back. He now writes "I am now nearly 8 years out from my multiple transplants (liver), and two years from the day brother(Bill) donated one of his kidneys to me. It's amazing I am still here, all things considered." Besides sharing vital organs, the twins, who, as kids, used to blow up one another's toys with cherry bombs, are now even in business together. They run a Washington-based association management consulting firm (clients include the Pharmaceutical and Research Manufacturerers) along with an information company - the Civix Corporation - on the internet. Check out their web site at www.ogroup.com.

Bruce Kauffman's on-line news is of his continued shuffle between the print and broadcast worlds. "I've defected from CNN (the second time in nine years)," he says, and is now heading up the Atlanta bureau for Thomsom, the Canadian media company. He's also thrilled to be a surrogate daddy for two kids, ages one and four. Bruce ran into Owen MacNutt on Cape Cod, and reports that Owen's "Box Lunch" restaurants continue to feed the masses in style. Must be that Bob Leete and Benner House Nina left their inspirational mark, because John Kidde is also a food maven, helping both amateur and professional chefs everywhere with the wide range of salsas, chili and other sauces he sells via his company Sona & Hollen Foods. John kindly sent this hungry scribe a sample care package, and I'm here to report that his Lindy's brand salsa can't be beat. It's become a staple in this newlywed's household, even spicing up my very special matzoh brei. John and Don Vermeil flew to Texas to help celebrate George Bush's 50th. Word back is the "Guv" has not let his now-found influence go to his head, not that we're surprised. He may be Governor to the world but he'll always be Governor "Lip" to us.

Bob Marshall is enjoying his new life in Minnesota, and reports running into Doug Franchot and Adrian Almquist at a local Andover gathering in honor of Barbara Chase. Pat Cathcart and look-alike brother Mike recently joined A.C. Johnston at a legal conference in Hawaii, where they all drank too many Mai Tai's. A Christmas photo from Tony Sapienza showed that "Sap" and family are thriving. He's still making men's clothing for Polo, Brooks Brothers, and Nordstrom, though with his rakish beard, he looks more like a musician or philosophy professor. Tory Peterson who I consult with regularly for financial advice, said he tried calling Tex Parker. Tex is apparently now a rancher in Uvalde, Texas, and was out feeding the livestock when Tory phoned.

My own calls successfully netted a number of classmates unheard from for some time. Dave Knapton is an urban planner in Philadelphia, which follows stints conducting historical preservation in Boston, and teaching architectural history in Temple. Dave's romantic partner for the last 15 years is a theology professor named Michael. "We're both completely forthcoming about our relationship," he told me. "We're lucky to be in a university and civil service culture, which is more tolerant and protective than a corporate culture can be." Dave serves as the Warden of an Episcopal Church and plays the piano. "I live a hectic and busy life," he said. John Heard's busy life involves working on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. John's been in touch with Rick Brock and Frank Hight Though he's never married, he's continuing his search for "the perfect woman."

Talking about perfect women, Jackie Eby our favorite Abbot classmate, took me to task for misquoting her in a previous column. She doesn't feel closer to our class than to Abbot '64. She loves her Abbot classmates. "I just wish I'd been born a boy," she admitted, "in which case I can't imagine a better class than yours to call my own." Need I say more. Hope you all had a superb Spring.

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