P.A. 1964
Tom Seligson
15 Bradley Street
Westport, CT 06880
July, 1998

More news from some long-lost classmates. Tony Bryant and his wife Kim stopped by to visit me in New York. They were in town for Kim's work. She runs her own court stenography business, and was covering a special ceremony at the U.N. honoring the Canadian Prime Minister. Tony is still a criminal attorney - the two met in court - and he said he felt right at home in the CBS Broadcast Center. My office is right across the street from Sally Jesse Raphael's studio, where Tony was once a guest. He'd defended a man accused of being a vampire. He was found guilty, although the court ruled that the victim also bore responsibility (she had helped inflict the wound from which his client sucked her blood). Tony's colorful homicide and drug cases obviously suit him. He looks as boyish and ice hockey trim as ever, and has most of his senior year hair. He and Kim have been married for 9 years, and have two kids, 5 and 8. He hopes to bring the whole clan to our 35th big one next year.

I haven't seen Sandy Greene since he officiated at Randy Roden's wedding way back before my first marriage. His E-mail brings this news from my former Foxcroft South housemate. "Gigi and I have been in Denver since 1990, and we love it. We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last August (1997). Does that make me the member of the PA class of '64 who has been married to the same woman for the longest time? Sons Zach and Ben are graduating from college this Spring. We see our beautiful grandson Noah, aged two, nearly every day. His father is Samuel aged 25. The oldest, Nathaniel, is 28, dropped out of The Atlanta College of Art after two years, and hasn't decided what he wants to be when he grows up. I am rector (senior pastor) of Christ Episcopal Church here. It is a challenging job with four other clergy that work with me and some 12 other lay employees. It is rather like managing a small business in addition to the pastoral and teaching sides of the job."

Classmates who wish to enter the long-lasting marriage contest please E-mail me. At this point, closely crowding Sandy and Gigi for second place is Al Thornton who celebrated his 30th anniversary to wife Susan this (1998) Memorial Day. Al writes: "We live in Vermilion, Ohio, which is 40 miles west of Cleveland on Lake Erie. We have two children: Poppy, 19, who is just finishing her freshman year at Ohio State, and Dinah, 17, who will be a senior in high school next year. Susan and I work as freelance copyeditors from our home. She actually does at least 2/3 of the work; but I'm doing more now that computers are getting more popular in publishing." Al has his own web site called "The Radical Libertarian," which bills itself this way. "An Opinion column and whatnot from an anarchist point of view. If you can't say anything constructive about government, You've come to the right place." You can check out Al's articles and essays at http://www.hbr.net/~thornton. And if Al's politics bother you, his site makes this promise: "I am willing to sell out my beliefs. Please provide financial details with any offer." I sadly pass on Al's news that his father - Dewitt Thornton - who taught many of us music at Andover, died in 1991. He had retired to Naples Florida, where he continued his life of music, teaching private lessons, directing church choirs, and volunteering with public school music programs.

Other class news: Al Wofsey was recently appointed Chief of Psychiatry at The Lankenau Hospital, located in Lower Merion Township, just outside of Philadelphia. And Randy Elkins is now with Time Life Inc. based in Alexandria, VA. This is the division that sells books, music, and video products. Randy's Senior Vice President of Law and Business Affairs, and says he's having a ball. Classmates passing through the D.C. area should E-mail Randy (randy_elkins@time-inc.com) and he'll organize a mini-reunion. Of course, the maxi-reunion is next May. Save the month.

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