P.A. 1964
Tom Seligson
15 Bradley Street
Westport, CT 06880
April, 1999

This is the last class notes before our upcoming 35th reunion. Those of you who haven't already made plans to join us on June 11-13, know that you still have time. This is one special event for which you ultimately don't need reservations. In years past, some of our classmates who couldn't commit for the entire week-end, and lived relatively nearby, came just for the Friday night cocktail party or Saturday lunch or dinner. Whatever you can manage, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. This is our seventh reunion. I've attended all but one of them. And I've yet to meet a classmate who left one of these special gatherings taking home anything but good feelings. But for those of you who can't make it, rest assured. Though you'll be missed, you won't completely miss out on the three day party, as your faithful class secretary will try his best to share all the gossip in the next class notes.

My Lower year roommate Don Grinberg will definitely be coming. Don is still living in Boston, though his architecture practice keeps him on the run. His speciality is convention centers and large mixed-use projects. Don's love life has also earned him a lot of frequent flyer miles. His girl friend, Jane Zirpoli, whom many of you met at our 30th, lived in San Francisco, and the couple had a bi-coastal romance for years. But Jane has now moved to Boston, and the two are living happily every after. Don says he sees Dan Cooper occasionally, and is looking forward to seeing other classmates in June. Joe England who'll be coming, sent me a surprising note in response to my last class notes. Turns out Joe lives right here in Westport, Connecticut, and on the very street my parents first moved to some 40-odd years ago. "I am a partner in a Marketing company in Minnesota, and a small collectibles company that I manage in Westport," he wrote. "A couple of years ago we teamed with Kodak on offering the first ever Sports Motion Card. The card featured 3 seconds of video showing Mickey Mantle's 500th Home Run. This past year we offered 23 Karat Gold Cards commemorating both Mark McGwire's 70th Home Run, and Sammy Soda's 60th." I haven't run into Joe yet, but I'm glad he's coming. And I hope he brings some of his cards.

I'm sorry that Matthew "Cappy" McClure can't make it, because I wanted to thank him in person for the great work he's been doing with our class web site. For those of you who haven't checked it out, the site contains the e-mail addresses of many of our classmates, along with all my old columns. .Once again, the site address is http://www.well.com/user/mmc/pa64.html. Matthew can be reached at mmc@well.com. He sent along a note from Jim Torbert. Jim writes "I bet my last 3 decades have been at least as checkered as yours. Peace Corps Volunteer, street-front social worker, logger, farmer, and public school language teacher, to name my main pursuits, none of them very glorious, but all of them very involving." Jim, who came to our 25th, now lives in North Whitefield, Maine. He regularly sees Bryce Muir, with whom he goes sailing. Paul Gallagher has been working on Bryce to attend, and I'm hoping he succeeds. It's always a pleasure to see Bryce, along with his extraordinary art work. Bryce now has his own website (http://www.brycemuir.com), a project that grew out of the road journals and drawings Bryce and his wife Peggy produced while traveling the country during Peggy's sabbatical. Bryce adds to it weekly. The reunion should certainly prove good for material.

I'm delighted to report that Toby Thacher and Alan Look will be joining us. I had a fabulous lunch in New York with Toby and Alan, who, turns out, are cousins (how many of you knew that?) What you probably do know is that Toby has had a distinguished career as a crime-fighter. His specialty has been fighting mob corruption through non-prosecutorial means. Toby headed up a 100 person strike force of state, local, and Federal forces, which targeted mob influence in the New York construction industry. His work, which was featured on "60 Minutes" led to more than 270 companies being debarred from the industry. Toby has now left the public sector to form his own company -Thacher and Associates. Judging from his expansive offices in the McGraw Hill Building, crime pays, even for crime busters. His work consists of corporate intelligence and business investigations for law firms, and investment and merchant banks. What impressed me most was Toby's N.Y.P.D. plates, which enable him to park wherever he wants, without getting a ticket. Alan was in town, taking his daughter to an equestrian ballet. He still lives on Martha's Vineyard, and is busy developing multi-media staff development systems for the health care industry. Alan Wofsey is still actively promoting our mental health. Alan, who graced our 30th, along with his charming wife, was recently appointed to the Editorial Review board of the Journal of Affect and Psychotherapy. Larry Darby has now become a partner of the powerhouse law firm Kaye, Scholer. The announcement I received listed all the committees and organizations on which Larry serves. They range from being Secretary and Director of the Irvington Institute for Immunological Research, to secretary of the New York State Bar Association International Law and Practice Section. But of course, Larry takes time out to attend reunions. So can all of you. See you on June 11th.

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