Case Studies:


* Client: Boston Identity Consulting Firm representing a Major Japanese Trading Company.

Goal: to create one global name and identity for the company.

Outcome: A half hour video presentation to the Board of Directors presenting original research that showed that the corporation needed to remain 100% in the "trading" field and needed to retain the trading terminalogy in the corporations identity and global name.

Recommendation fully implimented within one year of presentation.

The research presented to the Board showed from a study of corporate history that ventures into industrial manufacturing had always lost money. Each purchase and sale of an industrial subsidiary had been unsuccessful.


* Cient: Stockholm management consulting firm representing a European airline.

Goal: find a way to help employees understand long term capital needs for future airplane purchases.

Outcome: A joint report to management by Phillips and the Stockholm consulting firm, that recommended the creation of a weekly company-wide newspaper, mailed to employees at home (intended to involve family members), that covered inside financial information, employee news and gossip and a calendar of worldwide flight booking patterns showing heavy traffice routes and empty seats. The presentation of route load information was intended to sell more empty seats and divert passengers away from heavily booked routes.

Recommendation implimented. Weekly newspaper was in print within six months, supported by union representatives on the Board of Directors. Program copied by nearly all other major airlines within two years.