A Guide for Japanese Companies Doing Business in The United States


Japanese business failures in the United States are well known to American business readers. There have been notorious failures in New York Real Estate, with Hollywood film companies, in limits on California bank expansion, the Pebble Beach Golf Course and in the Mitsubishi Motor Company's sex discrimination case.

Similar failures by German and French companies are not publicized. Is it because Americans enjoy seeing Japanese companies fail? This book explains why.

Japanese businesses face unique problems as they expand in the Untied States, partly arising from anti-Japanese prejudice and partly because of major cultural differences that are not fully appreciated. This book is a practical guide -- with detailed business solutions. It includes sections on dealing with

  • The Environmental Movement
  • The Womens Movement
  • Political Action
  • Copyrights and
  • Secret Agencies



The author, Michael Phillips, has been a consultant to many major Japanese corporations over a twenty year period. He has a backround in banking, corporate finance and produces an inter- nationally distributed public radio program on social issues.

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