If you loose a file on a Vaio with Windows 2000 NT do the following: Shut off the machine and don't open it until you have a data recovery expert recover the file for you.

Two steps that make the deletion worse: (1) Rebooting (every time you turn on Windows it writes on the hard drive, over- writing your deleted file). (2) Installing Norton Utilities. The Norton Utilities will not install the UnErase program from the CD. So when you install the whole Utility package you erase whatever historic data was in your Recycle file at the time of the installation. (This came from John R. Scott consultant: johnrscott@rcn.com)

The core problem in the first place is that the Sony Vaio interacts unpredictably with Windows. A. Check your Recycle file settings to make sure that Global destroy has not been accidentally turned on. Check once a month. B. Never put a directory or file on your Task Bar. A right click delete will not get rid of the "shortcut" it will get rid of the directory and the files.