Wahabi Oil Merchants

The cartel of Wahabi oil merchants which is set upon destabilizing the global order of constititutional democracies and associated multilateral agreements.

By means of:

1) client puppet regimes in Afganistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen;

2) Arab crime syndicates: Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, PLO, OPEC; and

3) bought US, French, Japanese & Russian political leaders;

This nefarious group of pharoanic megalomaniacs is trying to:

1) muffled the environmental movement by paying off US/Japanese/Russian politicians to veto the Kyoto Protocol

2) destroy Israel

3) crush the democratic spirit of the west by means of terrorism, hate, and rising oil prices.

They hate Christians, Jews, and most other Muslims. They sentence gays to death and relegate women to domestic service and sex slavery.